#RapunzelVibes: How To Get Shiny Hair Made Easy

We all love our hair, right? But in today’s polluted and highly toxic environment- hair fall, dandruff, dull and brittle locks, all have become an everyday part of our lives, sadly! Read on to know how to get your shiny hair back with these easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy steps.

1. Aloevera-to the rescue!

Aloevera can come quite handy while you try to ace the game of how to get shiny hair. Take out the aloevera gel and apply it on your scalp. Aloevera fights against dandruff and damaged skin. You may well use it as a shampoo- aloevera and honey together help in hair growth.

2. An egg a day, keeps hair problems away!

Break open 2 eggs and apply it on your scalp. Egg helps in the treatment of dandruff and hairfall. Further, it also acts as a great conditioner thus making your hair silky and giving them a shine.

3. Yogurt + Lemon = Superb Hair

Mix some yogurt and lemon together and apply it your hair. Let it remain till your hair becomes stiff and then wash using a mild shampoo. You won’t see those dandruff flakes anymore. Moreover, your hair will be conditioned and will turn silky.

4. Hibiscus-the flower of hair care!

Take hibiscus leaves and finely grind them in a mixer grinder thus making it as a paste. Apply the paste onto your scalp. Keep it on your scalp until it becomes dry, rinse it off with cool water. It improves the texture of your hair and enhances hair growth.

5. The very organic Fuller’s earth!

Fuller’s earth not only does wonders to your face but also to your hair. It acts as a shampoo as well as gives your hair a glossy look. How to get shiny hair just got messy and we kinda dig that wet earth aroma! *Bliss*

6. Multi-beneficial Green tea!

We all admit that green tea helps us lose weight, don’t we? But do you have any idea about its hair benefits? Yes, you heard it right! Green tea contains antioxidants which prevents hair loss and in turn boosts hair growth. Apply warm green tea to your hair, keep it for sometime and rinse your hair with cool water once your hair gets dry.

7. Grandma’s oil technique works!

Our hair loves oil but we usually hate applying even a pinch of oil to our hair. But ripping off the necessary oil from your mane isn’t that great an idea. So if you want to get pretty hair, then do not forget to apply oil to your hair the night before shampooing.

8. Improving your daily habits!

Beat stress, sleep well, concentrate on having a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water.


How to get shiny hair was never this easy now, was it?

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