How To Keep Your Junk Jewellery New As Ever

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends but junk jewellery is the one true soulmate! But a very high maintenance, at that! If you don’t take proper care of your junk jewellery, chances are quite high that they would end up looking like cringy iron pieces, at best.  Fret not, ’cause we at Wonder Wardrobes are right here to help you. Read on to know how to keep your junk jewellery new as ever!

  1. Air-tight Containers To The Rescue

We are all up for oxidised jewellery but there is a quite a fine line between that and pieces that look straight out of a scrap metal workshop. Whenever your jewellery comes in contact with air, it is bound to get tarnished with all the chemical reactions. Your mother’s favourite tupperware boxes can be the perfect solution for this! Keep your junk jewellery in them and they shall remain shiny as always.

2. Jewellery Need No Perfume

I’m sure you love how you smell like an English garden, courtesy that fancy perfume your sister got you from London. But, your jewellery would like to think otherwise. Do not spray perfume whilst wearing the junk jewellery. The perfume particles, after coming in contact with your jewellery can tarnish it badly.

3. Keep Water At Bay

Do not wash dishes, bathe or be involved in any kind of activity that involves water while wearing your junk jewellery. Moisture corrodes the metal used in junk jewellery and you wouldn’t want that if you really know how to keep your junk jewellery new as ever.

4. Store It Properly

Having an air-tight container helps but not so much if you are just gonna stack lockets and earrings, one over another, without any order or sequence. It’s important to arrange your junk jewellery pieces neatly so that they do not get entangle with one another. This can lead to friction between the metal surfaces, leading to a loss of shine.

5. Last On, First Off

Having earrings or neckpieces stuck in your blouse is a nightmare that most of the girls are probably aware of. The cardinal rule is to put on the jewellery at the very end of your getting ready regime and to take them off before you remove your clothes. This would ensure that your jewellery doesn’t get caught in your clothes and as a result, has lesser chances of breaking apart due to a sudden jerk or pull.

Now that you know how to keep your junk jewellery new as ever, we hope you’re gonna be more responsible with keeping those gorgeous trinkets that you so love. Watch out this space for more jewellery related things as we have something big lined up. Soon! *hint, hint*

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