How To Make Valentine’s Week Special For Your Soulmate?

The month of February is all about love and Valentine’s Day. You can see red roses all around, cute teddy bears and chocolates wrapped in red shiny paper. It is true that every day is a celebration of love for the love-birds, but this one week solely dedicated to love and its beauty makes celebrating it all the more special.

What to do for Valentine's Week

For all those people in love, here are some ideas to celebrate this Valentine’s week with your special someone.

1. Rose Day- 7th February

Celebrate Rose Day

This is the first day of the Valentine’s week. For this day, you can put up different colored roses (except for red) in different places which is easily visible to your partner, for example on their coffee table, their work desk, their closet, etc. You can include a small love note or a smiley with each rose. And at the end of the day when the moon comes up, show up at your partner’s door step with a bunch of beautiful red roses. The red roses will be a ripe red cherry on top of the rose filled cake.

2. Propose Day- 8th February

Celebrate Propose Day

Propose day is all about confession of feelings. Pick a romantic movie with a heartfelt love confession at its end. Make a pillow fort in the house and watch the movie with your partner, with dimmed lights. At the end, when the proposal scene is about to come in, take your partner’s hand and propose them with the exact dialogues as the movie proposal, with the movie playing in the background. The surprise will swoop your partner off their feet.

3. Chocolate Day- 9th February

Celebrate Chocolate Day

Everybody loves chocolate so just send your partner some delicious chocolates. To make it a little different, send the chocolates to your loved one through different sources, like their friends or colleagues or through mail. Do not tell them that you are sending these, but just attach a small love note with each of the chocolates to bring a sweet chocolate-y smile on their face.

4. Teddy Day- 10th February

Celebrate Teddy Day

Girls love teddy bears, big or small. So buy them a cute teddy bear and place it at their bed side in the morning before they wake up. If possible, change their alarm ringtone to a beautiful romantic song. So that they wake up to a nice love song in the morning with a cute teddy bear right beside them, maybe with a cute love note.

5. Promise Day- 11th February

Celebrate Promise Day

Promise day is all about making promises to your partner that you will always keep. So keep it simple and give them a small card. Ask them to write 3 promises that they would want you to make, out of which you get to choose the 2 promises that you make. It is easy as well as catches the essence of the day.

6. Hug Day- 12th February

Celebrate Hug Day

Start off the day by giving your loved one a long warm hug. In the evening, arrange a collage of all your romantic pictures (possibly in a heart shape) and put it on their wall along with some romantic fairy lights and soft romantic music. The moment your partner enters the room, give them a tight hug and let them take in the beautiful surrounding and appreciate your efforts.

7. Kiss Day- 13th February

Celebrate Kiss Day

In the morning, send your partner some Hershey’s kisses chocolates in a heart shaped box to sweeten their day. And at night, dim the lights, put on some soft romantic music, decorate the room with some fairy lights and scented candles. Ask your loved one to dance with you barefoot to the music and shower them with kisses.

8. VALENTINE’S DAY- 14th February

Celebrate Valentine's Day

Now this is the final day of the week when you got to pull off that big finale. Compile the elements of all the earlier days with a romantic dinner at the end. Place a small teddy bear, a little hear shaped box of chocolates and a red rose at your lover’s bed side in the morning. Put all your romantic pictures around them in different areas, like their bedroom, kitchen, hall, etc. In the evening, go out for a nice romantic dinner to your partner’s favorite restaurant. Later, you can take a nice romantic walk under the moon light with your loved one.

Valentine’s week is all about love and its celebration. So leave all your worries behind and just cherish the moments you have with your special person. Be happy and love unconditionally.

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