How to Make your Makeup Last Longer

 Most women find it a dilemma to keep their makeup in place or last for even a few hours after application. If you can relate with this then you should read the article as I provide a few trick and tips that will make your makeup last longer or even the whole day.

The most important part is that you take care of your skin. Clean your face properly before bed and moisturize it. It is important to have healthy, well moisturized skin. To make that your makeup lasts whole day do the following things.

Prepare your face:
Prepare your face





Before applying makeup, it is important to clean your face and moisturize it too. Only then start with your makeup.

Wash and remove any kind of oil and dirt from your face. Use a good face wash that suits your skin type.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!!!


I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to moisturize your skin. Once you put on makeup your skin tends to get dry. To prevent it from drying too much it is important to moisturize your skin before you put on your makeup.

Use waterproof makeup.

Be it liner, mascara, foundation, lipstick or any other cosmetic. Using waterproof makeup will help you retail your makeup for long and your makeup will not get affected by sweat or water.



Use a good quality waterproof foundation and gently dab the foundation on to your skin do not rub it in. this way the foundation will not penetrate your skin and clog your pores. Also this will let the foundation set and give you a perfect skin all day long and make your makeup last all day.

Eye Liner:

eyepencil shadow

Apply the liner onto your upper, lower or both eyelid and after it dries, on top of that apply the same shade of eye shadow. This will help you set the liner. You can use the same trick with a kohl pencil or gel liner or even with Kajal.

You can also use your kajal as gel liner by heating it with a hair dryer or match stick for 15 seconds and then let it cooling for 10 seconds and applying onto your eyes.


The mascara that you use should be waterproof if you want it to last all day. Use baby powder to make it thicker. Apply one coat of mascara and then using a brush apply some baby powder onto your lashes and top that with another coat of mascara to give a fuller thicker eyelashes.

Also if you apply the mascara both ways then it will last longer.

Use an Eyebrow gel or hair spray or Vaseline or lip balm to shape and tame the hair on your brows. It will help it stay perfect for the whole day.


Apply a base of lip balm before the lipstick. Then apply the desired shade of lipstick. After that, take a tissue paper or blotting paper and place on top of the lipstick. Dust translucent powder on it with a brush



Apply perfume on pressure points to smell amazing all day. Wrists, behind the ear, neck/collar bone, inside the elbow, back of the knee are the pressure points. These points exert heat from the body thus making the perfume smell last longer. Apply Vaseline/ petroleum jelly on pressure points to keep the perfume fragrance for even longer.

Final seal:

If you want to splurge, then invest in a final seal. Using a final seal, you can make your makeup stays in place the whole day. Final seal is a bit difficult to get in India but it can always be imported.

Whether or not you use the final seal, the remaining tricks will help your makeup last for as long as the whole day.


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