How To Store Your Lingerie!

The joy of opening your closet’s drawer to find your lingerie arranged is amazing. What is up with putting on sexy bras and panties that makes us feel like the most badass angel out there? So, keeping them safe and clean is our eternal job cause they ain’t coming cheap and they are delicate. *feels fuzzy inside*


Keep your underwear protected

Keep your underwear protected

If you wear sheer linen underwear then make sure that you have an extra linen between the underwear, which keeps it fresh always. Make sure that you change your underwear regularly and keep it in sections for daily wear, granny pants( for period days) and the racy ones for lucky days!


Hand wash them instead of machine wash

Washing bra

I know you don’t get the time to hand wash them but ladies, our delicates need to be handwashed. Washing your bra regularly might ruin the soft fabric, so wash them according to the weather and use. Sweaty days mean more of sweat so don’t mind washing them on days like these. Wash them with mild detergent and cool water.


Usage of laundry kit, if you have to machine wash 


You are a busy girl and there may come a time when you have to throw your lingerie in the machine. Do that! But make sure that you machine wash them while keeping them in a laundry bag. This will not tamper their shape, which will make them last for a long time.


Segregating them 


Segregating your lingerie helps in keeping them organized and ready to use. You don’t have to rummage through your drawer to find that cute polka dot bra and panties set. Keep pairs together and for different days. Keep the comfy daily wears, sexy lacy ones and period day set in different sections. Discard the ones that have been faded or have those tiny holes in them. You deserve to wear a good set ladies, leave behind the old ones!


Storing them right while traveling 


While traveling you don’t your lingerie to be stored with your clothes more like stuffed into the bag like extra, DON’T do this to your essentials. They must be taken care of! Use a travel bag for it or put your panties in between your bras, this will save space in your bag and will not cause the bras to lose their shapes.


Your delicates are important. So, make sure you do take them seriously cause they are as important as the other stuff in your closet!


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