How To Style A Floral Scarf

peach floral scarf Floral printed scarf

A scarf is nothing but a rectangular or square piece of cloth which is often used as a styling accessory. Floral scarves are so in these summers and if you thought that there are only one or two ways to style a scarf then you’ve got it all wrong. There are many ways to style a floral scarf and how? Keep reading….


This is the most basic way of styling any scarf- letting it hang loose around your neck and it’s pretty versatile style as you can use this method with ANY type of outfit, be it a dress, a top/shirt paired with a skirt/pair of jeans or trousers/shorts etc. It just adds up to your outfit as a pure style statement.

white floral scarf floral scarf let loose floral scarf around the neck


scarves around the neck    how to style a floral scarf

This one’s just a continuation of the previous style, i.e., instead of letting the scarf loose around your neck you could just wrap it twice around your neck and then tie a loose knot like the one in the picture below or you could leave the knot and just let it be like in the picture above. Seems like a good idea to shield your throat from the cold wind, right?

floral scarf tied into a bow     scarf tied into a knot white floral scarf with colourful flowersblue and white floral scarves


peach floral scarf as cowl neck  Floral scarf wrapped like a cowl neck

Now this one’s for square shaped scarves. All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Fold the square scarf into a triangle.
  2. Taking the two ends of the scarf , each in one hand, wrap the ends around your neck so that the triangular part hangs like a cowl neck in the front.
  3. Now bring the two ends to the opposite sides from where they were wrapped and let them fall loose in the front on each side of the cowl or tie a not at the back.

steps to tie a scarf into a cowl neckfloral scarf as cowl neckBlue satin floral scarf  satin scarf in a cowl

Your cowl look is ready!


scarf with a coat    white floral scarf with a blue dresswhite dress and a floral scarf

Who said that you need a leather belt to look cool? Don’t know what to do with that pretty floral scarf lying in your closet which is too dear to throw away but too umm…simple to look trendy? And then its winters and you have that overcoat or long loose jacket that’s been lying there in your cupboard forever and you still don’t know how to make it look stylish….. Just tie a pleasing floral scarf around your neck and let it hang loose with the buttons of the coat/jacket open, tie a belt i a contrasting colour around your waist and pair it up with a pair of skinny jeans and boots! Your winter’s going to be as hot as your summer, if you know what I mean.

floral scarf with a long coat  spring scarf

You may also use the scarf itself as a belt as shown below.

floral scarf as a belt with a dress     floral scarf as a belt with shorts     red and pink floral scarf as a belt


pink and beige scarf as hair band    pink floral scarf used a sa headband

We’ve all know the bandana style of looking ‘cool’ but there are other ways of using a rectangular/square piece of cloth as your headgear too! And what better than a FLORAL scarf?

bohemian style head scarf

All you have to do is wind the scarf around your head twice (or thrice, depending on the length of the scarf) and tie a knot or insert the loose ends between the folds.

red scarf as a headgear

Or you could just tie a knot and let the loose ends fall sideways over your shoulders or at the back.

purple floral scarf as a hippie headgear

Those pretty flowery patterns in soft pastel colours wound around your head just like a tiara is a nice idea to accessorize your outfit and also shield your forehead from the sun. Plus, the swag stays. Don’t you just like it when style meets purpose?


Green scarf tied to a black bag

Who said that a scarf needs to be always included in your wardrobe/outfit to look chic? You could make a style statement even WITHOUT wearing it anywhere on your head or around your neck. Wondering HOW? The next time you carry a handbag/tote/sling bag with you and find the entire look seems too boring all you need to do is take that pretty floral scarf, wind it around one of the sides of one of the handles and tie a knot so that it is left to slightly hang from there or you may tie it into a cute bow. There you go! Its funky and adds a dash of colour to your accessory.

red vintage silk scarf  Floral scarf tied to a purple purse


Yeah, you heard me right! Now, this idea will help you reduce that extra weight from your beach bag whenever you plan your next escapade to the sea. And how? Take a scarf, starting from behind wrap it over your bikini top in a criss-cross manner (like a cross-over top) and tie a knot at the nape like a halter neck top. See? Its damn easy and yet so hot!

blue bikini swimwear scarf ways of using a floral scarf as a bikini cover up

You could do the same with your bikini bottoms. Just fold the square scarf into a triangle and keeping the inverted triangular part one side wrap it around your waist and tie a knot on the other side. All set to hit the shore!

floral scarf over bikini botooms  pink floral scarf as a bikini cover up

Who knew a single floral scarf could be used as a style statement in so many ways? All you got to do is play with it a little and soon you might find yourself creating your own glamorous options with that pretty piece of cloth! So don’t limit your options and never shy away from trying new looks.


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