Dress up like sunshine: How to Style Yellow this Summer

Now that summers are here and trust me they are scorching hot, there are three things I am in absolute love with. Staying indoors, lots of juicy colourful fruits like melons and mangoes and well the colour of mangoes. Every summer the colour yellow gets me on my knees. It is an absolute favourite. To me personally it comes across as wonderfully fresh, summery and well, pure love.

Here are 10 ways how I suggest you must wear your yellows this summer

1. Experiment with all shades of yellow, deep – dull and bright. Try going for a mustard tone dress with a bag in similar shade. Throw on a lighter pair of bellies or moccasins and let your umbrella scream the brighter shade aloud.


2. Another way to wear your yellow button dress is to add lots of black. As much as yellow and black are dissimilar they make for a wonderful combination. Throw on black accessories, statement necklace, and a bag (How I love the Chanel quilted one here). Polka dot pumps are just an added advantage.

yellow dress outfit

3. Wear your yellow bright and bold again with black. Style a yellow tee dress with black stocking or a bright yellow skirt with a black tee. Wear matching watch, studded pumps and let your accessories be bold in yellow.

bold yellow outfit

4. Here is for the more subtle office look. Take on the lighter mango shade of a cute top and pair with mustard brown bubble gum skirt. Add a small cute pendant to accessorize, carry a subtle leather clutch and add understated tan suede wedges. You’re ready to woo the boss.


5. Style that yellow t- shirt you don’t know where to where with white pants or denims. Throw on a deep blue or gray scarf with black belt and bracelet. Yellow shirts can be transparent – you might want to add that camisole. Go for dark coloured shoes and clutch like navy blue or black.

casual yellow outfit

6. This is a perfect look for a movie with friends. Got that yellow cotton knit. The perfect colour I love? Well wear it over a white camisole or slip and add blue denim capris. Add a yellow sling bag in leather and yellow ballerinas or bellies. You’ll be cute, sunny and stylish. Nothing you don’t have already.

yellow outfit for movie

7. Don’t know how to style yellow for a coffee date with the boyfriend? Wear your long flowy yellow skirt with a black bralet or fitted crop top. Add to it a cute yellow box clutch (or a wallet) and black stilettos. Be ready for the Frappuccino that summer afternoon all in a jiffy.

coffee date yellow outfit

8. Don’t know how to wear that yellow skater top? Add white linen pants or denims and accessorize with hot pink or blood red. Nailpaint, lip colour, statement necklace et all. Sunglasses add the summery element and tan wedges are a must. Who then looks better than Miss Sunshine?


yellow-top outfit

9. This look is when you don’t mind experimenting and looking bold, you stay indoors and it is not too hot. Wear a white tee with black skirt and lace pattern leggings and add a pretty yellow summer blazer to do the talking. Add black and blue in the accessories with a tinge of yellow to keep you going. The look is best complimented by danglers and pretty yellow peep toes.

style your yellow bold

10. Here is how you must dress for the pool party or beach outing this summer. Wear a cute little yellow sun dress. Add a handbag with an orangish tinge and subtle accessories is lighter yellow. Wear cute yellow bellies and don’t forget the slather lots of sunscreen.


style yellow sundress

So wear the yellow this summer because you’d be a yellow yellow, pretty fellow.

Share with us how you styled your yellows this summer.

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