How to wear Pastel Makeup and carry it with oomph : Tips, Tricks and Cheats

pastel-eye-makeup  Pastels are the latest fashion drifts be it clothing,  shoes, bags or even MAKE UP, so gear up lovely ladies. We do buy pastel coloured clothes and dresses but this time you gotta spend a bit on buying pastel coloured makeup products. For now, dump the Neon Lipsticks!!!! Yes, you heard me right girls, its time to flaunt the bright hues of pastels lipsticks which look incredible. It’s more about experimenting and playing with bright hues. Switch your make up palettes to soft pastels tinge. Plus Pastels can go everywhere – office, college, date, and parties. Many of us don’t usually go for pastels because it is a bit tough to carry it perfectly without looking totally washed out. Don’t worry here I am with few tips to keep in mind while opting for pastels without looking pale and washed out :-  


11  You can brilliantly play with two pastel shades together like Cool Mint green and peach, or Baby Blue and Pearl Pink. Take your pick, and start with a cream base for the upper eyelids till the crease in either Mint or Blue. Top it off with a powder tint for a soft glow. If you don’t wanna go for chalk finish, use a bit of shimmer and you are good to go. Don’t forget to line the lower lashline with the same pastel shade. Mascara plays a vital role for this look because it opens up the eye and avoids looking completely washed out. Finish it off with a vibrant creamy lip-gloss in either peach or pink. Tip – Switch your nude and neon nail polish to a paler version of the super brights. Have fun with this season’s gorgeous corals and lilacs.


0ad88887e792d9d447f9555c91c1278e   The makeup cheat for applying pastel pink is a soft application. Apply a layer of cream-based pale pink eyeshadow to the entire upper eyelids to the crease and inner corner and dab powdered pink tint using fingers in the outward away for the eye. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner on your upper lashline. Top it off with loads of mascara, a pastel pink is slightly harder to pull off so dab a bit of foundation onto your lips to remove any dark pigments and brush on a pale pink lipstick.


1-Purple   Lilac is one of the easiest pastels to wear and the key to wearing this trend is to go monochromatic and commit to the color. Wear it either on your lips, lids or cheeks. Use a cream based lavender pastel and top it off with mascara.


5614fc10b2fb527972fef0d4fc090448 The peach pastel colour compliments a sun-kissed look so draw attention to your cheekbones by dusting a peach blush on the apple of your cheeks for a soft glow. Apply a peachy lipgloss to keep the look bright.


Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 12.01.20 Ditch the black liners and kajals and highlight those pretty eyes with two pastel shades for a quirky look. Mix this pink and mint to give a trendy look. Don’t forget to put loads of mascara because its worth it for ditching kohls and black liners. Top it off with a nude lip gloss to complete the look. Try these looks and i am sure you will look beautiful as usual. Play with pastels and try experimenting more than the usual old makeup 🙂 🙂

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