How You Can Look Younger Without Having A Face-Lift

Why go under the knife to roll back the years when you can achieve the same aim just by eating better, sleeping more and stopping smoking?  Even cosmetic surgeon to stars like Jennifer Aniston proclaim that these simple changes in our lifestyle are enough to keep the wrinkles away. We have got to believe him if Ms Aniston is anything to go by. I mean just look at her! Her skin just radiates energy. If she can do it, we can do it to. All it takes is a little bit of determination and willingness to change from our part. So here are 6 healthy tips on how to avoid those dread lines.


say no to smoking

” If you want gorgeous skin, you have to make a few sacrifices”- said cosmetic surgeons world over.

There are essentially three things you should avoid- smoking, excessive alcohol and over exposure to sunlight. Sunlight and smoking are the two most damaging things you can do to you skin. If that sounds harsh, there is some good news though. You don’t have to give up on your Beaujolais. Well not entirely. Research shows that a certain amount of alcohol, particularly red wine, has distinct health benefits, helping to keep your heart healthy and stress levels low.



eat well

This one everybody knows, but rarely does. Its good to not forget that everything we eat is reflected in our skin- so eating the right foods can make us look younger. Unfortunately, the list of ‘foods to avoid’ reads like an inventory of most peoples cupboards. These include sugar, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine, ‘bad’ saturated fats, additives, fizzy drinks, smoked meats and barbecued foods, excess dairy produce such as butter, milk and cheese, refined carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta and white rice, refined and processed salt and processed fruit juice. The list of foods to include in your diet is considerably smaller though. This includes mushrooms, broccoli, aloe vera, berries, beans, pulses, peas, oily fish rich in omega 3, pumpkins, squashes like butternut, carrots and sweet potatoes, oats, almonds and green tea are all included on the list of anti-ageing foods. Hyaluronic acid, which is often used as a wrinkle-zapper in creams, is found naturally in these ingredients.


exercise regularly 1

Working out daily can have beauty benefits as well as being good for your health. It maybe walking a mile everyday or your routine power yoga class. Whatever may be the form of exercise, the important point is to do it regularly and sincerely. Doing at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity workouts, like weight training and cardiovascular exercises, at least four days a week is what is recommended. Light exercises such as housework, gardening and even fidgeting will still have an effect.


exercise regularly 2


get your beauty sleep

Never underestimate the importance of sleep. If you want to look good and stay looking good, you need to make a regular good night’s sleep a priority. While everyone varies to a degree, most people need about 8 hours of good-quality sleep. It’s the elixir of youth. Lose sleep and you are losing one of your body’s own anti-ageing tools. But be careful- most people gain uneven wrinkles because of the way they sleep. Avoid skin wrinkles by sleeping on your back, or switch your pillow cases to silk or satin as they minimize wrinkles.



seek serenity

Damaging stress can wreck your health and will certainly play havoc with your looks. Stress ages face muscles and puts strain and weight on bodies. It’s also been proven that skin ages faster during periods of emotional stress. So take time out to beat stress. Simple activities like squeezing a stress ball or popping bubble wrap, thinking of your next holiday and having a giggle can help reduce stress.


care for your skin

Beauty does come from within, but sometimes the outside can do with some work too. The good news is that you don’t need lots of products, nor do you need to spend hours on your beauty regime. Recent study have found that you don’t actually need a shed-load of different products according to your age, skin type and ethnic background. Skin is basically the same, whether it’s dry or oily, black, white or Indian. Spend some time cleansing and moisturizing properly, applying sunscreen, and brushing your skin before you shower or bath.



How many of these tips would you start trying? Or have you already tried some of these remedies and got good results? Tell us in the comments section.


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