Ignite A Smile :5 Ways To Spend Diwali Differently

When was the last time you did something different on Diwali rather than spending money on shopping or crackers and playing cards?
That’s where the guilt builds in! Each year we celebrate Diwali for ourselves to make our friends and family happy . We do several kinds of things like burning crackers , wasting money on card games and buying things we can actually do without. All these things reminds us that we can take a step ahead and do something to make others happy as well rather than showing off our new clothes . There can be an alternative sight to it too where you can celebrate it by igniting a smile on someone’s face who hasn’t experienced these luxuries or with someone with whom you haven’t spent enough time with. Here are 5 ways through which you can ignite a smile on someone’s face who needs it more than you do this Diwali:

1. Let’s take out some time for our family members :

Family and friends

Its sad but our generation these days hardly spend time with their families as all they care about is partying and roaming around all the time.We don’t realize that we’ve been neglecting our parents for a while now by not spending time with them at all. As we all know charity begins at home we really need to take this opportunity as a great chance to get close to our family and siblings. Here is the time to get everyone together and show them how much you have missed them and make them feel loved.Your sole task should be to celebrate every essence of Diwali in any form with your closed ones.


No to crackers

If not for yourselves then for your pets : I know you have heard this a hundred times and still haven’t considered the idea but seriously its high time we should understand the horrible impact of bursting crackers. Now is the time when you really need to cut the noise and air pollution. If not for yourself then atleast for the animals (your own pet infact). Do you realize what an animal goes through during Diwali? All they do is to run from one place to another to save themselves from the horrible noises and dangers of getting hurt and its not just about animals its equally dangerous for us humans too. You can always convince a person to enjoy an anti-crackers diwali too as nothing could be better than this.

3. Give away to the needy! Donation Time =Charity ALERT:

hands holding letters spelling words

If by any chance you have actually called upon the good decision of not bursting crackers or wasting money on card games or shopping then this is the task you should definitely indulge in. Here is the time when you can ignite a smile on someone’s face who actually needs it. Its time to share your sweets,old clothes and even your crackers (still favoring anti-crackers diwali ) with the under-privileged ones even while cleaning your house this Diwali make sure you keep aside the stuff you don’t need anymore so you can donate it further to the poor. I guarantee you by the end of this you’ll be happier seeing them smile. Give yourself a tap on the shoulder for the good deed and get the real blessings of Diwali.

4. Visit the unexpected :

Diwali charity

When you think you are done with spending time with your family and friends you can always go to an old age home,an orphanage or meet a servant or a maid or even the newspaper guy who has ever helped with you anything. Trust me it will make them happy to know that you have time to spend the festive season with them as they have left their homes for work on the other hand the people in an orphanage or old age home have no one to celebrate Diwali with them. So visit the unexpected to bring a smile on their faces.

5. Hand-made gifts :

Handmade diwali cards

Get over those materialistic gifts already as nothing beats those handmade gifts and cards which makes one feel so special so this Diwali makes sure you save that money for donations and make hand-made gifts for your loved ones to make them feel more important .You can even make candles at home and later courier them along with other hand made gifts to your relatives living far away to spread more love and happiness as there is no end to making someone smile even from a distance. Handmade gifts always takes the upper hand when it comes to receiving gifts.

I hope these tiny little efforts would surely bring a change in you as well if you’ll put in an extra effort to ignite a smile. Keep the warmth of Diwali engraved in you forever which will help you enlighten every person you meet for a better connection. Remember there is no greater blessing than making someone smile so keep that smile up and make it contagious this Diwali.

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