Lingerie Hacks: 7 must Known tips to deal with our favorite lingerie

All the girls have many favorite items in her closet. From pretty tops to sexy shorts, we love them all. But one of the most important items of our closet is lingerie. We all love to have a collection of pretty lingeries in our closet. Here, we bring few very important lingerie hacks which you all must know.

1. No Hanging


It is very important to take care of the expensive lingerie we buy. We always splurge on them irrespective of their prices. So, one of the very important lingerie hacks is to flat it out dry and do not hang them. This is because hanging makes them loose and also causes a change in the shape.

2. DIY new straps

It happens many times that the strap of the bra gets discolored or ripped and the bra still remains fabulous. So, in such cases, you can replace the tampered bra strap with new bra strap available in the market. These lingerie hacks will save you from small heart breaks like these.

3. Lingerie Hacks using Paper Clips

lingerie hacks

There are times when we want our bra strap to be hidden especially while wearing tee back or racer back tops. One of the very amazing lingerie hacks is using paper clips to join the bra straps like a racer back by using a paper clip.

4. Store it correctly

There is one very special lingerie hack to store the lingeries correctly. Organizing and placing them in a correct way is very important. Keep your lingerie open and stack them in your drawer. Make a special drawer only for lingerie storage. Do not fold them as it can ruin the shape and elasticity.

5. Hack for the Underwires

If the underwires cause you problem and you cannot bear the pain, you must not give up on the bra. One of the fascinating lingerie hacks saves you from this problem as well. You can use the tiny piece of moleskin fabric and sew on the area where the wire pokes you. This fabric is delicate and soft on the skin.

6. Strap cushions

Let me introduce you to the bra strap cushions. They are one amazing thing which de-stresses us a lot. The bra straps hurt on our shoulder quite often and we cannot deal with it and so we can use strap cushions underneath the bra strap. They help in releasing stress and itchiness.

7. Bra extenders

Many women face this problem of having found the right cup size of the bra but the strap is generally too tight. To avoid this you can use the bra extenders to extend the band size of the bra. It extends the bra size and the cup size remains the same.

These were some of the best lingerie hacks which you will come across. These are extremely helpful and amazing. You must learn these hacks and keep that expensive and favorite lingerie always close to your heart.



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