Improving the Sunday Best: What’s Hot in Men’s Fashion?

The modern man is as sharp dressed as he has ever been. With the suit still dominating men’s fashion as the height of elegance, it is time to review current trends. Can we do better than a traditional take on the Sunday Best? Let’s review.

It’s tough to be a man in a world full of beautiful women. We don’t mean to patronise; we mean to compliment. It is societally acceptable for a woman to add glitter to her eyes or accentuate her cheeks with highlighter. When men do the same, it seems to bring up gender issues and assumptions that not all men are comfortable with. Avoidance has been the key factor separating men and makeup for years now – but there are other ways a man can look sharp, without the glitter.

Here are the top trends in men’s fashion that can elevate your favourite look. Style is something everyone has access to. Style has no gender. Dare you indulge in it?

Men’s Fashion Hot Takes That Can Improve Your Best Fit

Looking your best isn’t just reserved for ladies. Men can be just as sharp dressed as the rest of us. Here are some excellent fashion suggestions that can perk up a man’s best outfit, even without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Start with your Shirt

What shirt do you wear with your good suit? If it is a short sleeved, shirt, then we already know you can do better. Short sleeves hit the shoulder at an unflattering angle. Instead, opt for a long sleeve shirt with cuffs longer than the sleeve of your jacket. Next, change the colour of that shirt to act as a striking balance to your suit. You can create a striking look against a light coloured suit with the best navy blue dress shirts. Similarly, you can create a pop of colour in a black suit by trying something brighter. How do you feel about red?

Look at Your Hands

Rings are in. Rings have always been in. The way to make your crush stare at your hands is to dress them with rings. Add a watch for a business-like appeal, but rings are the way to a woman’s heart. Hands are such an important and underrated part of the outfit. There are whole social media accounts out there which are devoted entirely to hands.

To Match or Not to Match?

You can match your shirt colour to your socks. You can match your shirt to your shoes. You can match your tie to either your socks or your shoes. You can choose not to match anything. The way you style your suit says a lot about you. An eclectic look speaks of university professors or PHD students. A complete match speaks of the CEO or business owner. Creating a nice in-between level by matching parts of your outfit can pick out your best features if you use it correctly.

Think Jackets

Suit jackets are fine and entirely necessary. A man makes a bigger statement when he first shows up by using a stylish outerwear jacket. Avoid padded jackets or tight fitting ones. Consider the raincoat, the camel jacket, or the mid-length dress coat, as an alternative. A coat should suit your lifestyle, remember, as all good on-point men’s fashion trends should.

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