It’s a Shady Business: How to choose the perfect Shades?

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair”. Yes, the summer is here all right. And you are probably gearing up for the perfect  weekend getaway with your friends, or family. You’ve got the mighty sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat to shield your hair and skin from the harmful sun rays. You’ve  also packed the light, breezy clothes ideal for the season. But when it comes to eye wear, how much thought do you really put in when buying them?

The sun rays can cause as much damage to your eyes as they can to your skin. And yet, we often overlook this essential detail while shopping for eye wear. A good sun glass should protect you from the harmful UV rays and should enable you to see clearly in bright condition. Thus, the most important thing to look for when purchasing sunglasses, is 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection.

Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory for summer. Not only do they protect your eyes from sun damage, but the right pair of shades can take your style quotient a notch up and make you look stylish in a way no other accessory can. There are a multitude of designs that are available these days for you to choose from. This post will give you a round up of the same, and also help you choose the right design for your face.

Sunglasses style: Before you begin to choose the right frame for your face, let us first see the type of sunglasses that are available.




These type of frames get their names from the people who wore it initially-the pilots. However, aviator-style sunglasses have now become popular worldwide. Aviators generally come in simple colors, have metal frames and teardrop shaped lenses.


Butterfly –


butterfly sunglass



As the name suggests, butterfly frame sunglasses are over sized, and are available in various shapes. The size of the frame also has a functional advantage: It covers more of the face from the sun’s harmful rays.



rectabgle sunglass

Rectangle frames are those which are wider than they are tall. Such frames can add length to a short face by contrast, and are thus suitable for oval or round faces.





The Wayfarer is a classic shape and has been in vogue since  the 1950s. The unique trapezoidal frame style of the wayfarer has made it versatile, timeless, and suits almost every face.





Characterized by an up swept angle of the frame, cat eye sunglasses were made famous in the ’50s by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Retro lovers will surely dig this style!


round sunglass

A true Beatles fan will not need an introduction to this style of frame. The iconic round lenses with frames that can have varying styles will surely give out some serious John Lennon vibes.


Now that you are aware of the different styles, let us take a look at how to choose the right frame for your face.


Round Face:



If you’re blessed with a round face, then over sized rectangular frames are the way to go. Such faces are characterized by soft, contoured, feminine features, which has a width and height that are roughly equivalent. Thus, frames such as horizontal frames, Wayfarers and rectangle shapes will give your face a longer, thinner look.


Heart Shaped Face:



A heart-shaped face typically means that you’ve got a broader forehead and a narrow chin. You’ll have to work on elongating your look in order to even out the proportions. And the right pair of frames that will do the trick  are the ones which have wide lower edges with no straight lines along the top work . Cat-eye, rimless or basically sunglasses with a rounded edge are  ideal for this face.


Oval face:



You’re a lucky lady if you have been blessed with an oval-shaped face. Oval faces have gently rounded and even features, and can pull off just about any frame with elan. Quick tip: Choose sunglasses that will cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.


Square face:


A square shaped face is characterized by a broad forehead and a prominent jawline. Those who are blessed with a square shaped face should try to look for frames that will cut out the sharpness of the face and create a more balanced look. Curvier frames such as aviators, cat eye, round, butterfly and semi-rimless will be ideal for your face.


So what are you waiting for? Look stylish as ever with these awesome tips!

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