Jazz Up Your Office Wear: Remove The Boredom

Jazz Up Your Office Wear: Remove The Boredom

On the system, having coffee, nine to five working hours for four days a week and most importantly the mandatory dress code; these are the simple ways in which an office functions. Everything can be sustained but not the boring mandatory dress code. Some offices have mandatory dress code for a day or for a week but not all of them. Employees often complain but cannot help. Some offices have relaxed this out but that atmosphere doesn’t really look like office. Some office attires can be depressing, combined with the Monday blues, they can put you more depressed. So here are six awesome tips to dress in your office attire and not look bland and boring:

Strike The Balance:

Strike The Balance  Strike The Balance

It is mostly light colored shirt with dark trousers and a necktie, sometimes a blazer that defines office wear, but this can be reversed. You wear some dark shades as well, but you have to strike a balance! Wearing a light jacket on dark shaded or vice versa can make you look hot!

Some Other Fabrics:

Some Other Fabrics   Some Other Fabrics

Apart from Cotton, Rayon and Viscose, you can choose other fabrics like linen or Corduroy. Linen can be a great fabric because of its cooling effect and corduroy is the best fabric of 2015! These can be both great semi-formal or formal wear and varied colors also look fantastic.

Accessorize A Little:

   Accessorize A LittleAccessorize A Little

Just bland clothing won’t do, you need to work on your accessories as well. This year, striped ties have been a great deal. So, these ties with some other classy designs can add spice to your attire. Other accessories like cuff links, tie pins and lapel pins will look good.

Shoes Matter:

Shoes Matter Shoes Matter

There are separate forms of shoes for office called the ‘Office shoes’, but now it’s time to change. Monk shoes with straps and buckles, also loafers and moccasins can make your attire look classy. It is recommended that the color of your shoes matches your belt and your shoes are a contrast to the color of your dress.

Be Different, Be Versatile:

Be Different, Be Versatile Be Different, Be Versatile

Just try some other styles like a bow tie or a striped shirt. Change the way you look each day with new forms of shirts, trousers and jackets. Also, do not repeat what you have worn previously exactly the same.

Look Neat:

Look Neat Look Neat

This is the most important factor to look best. Apart from all the tips, you need to make sure of this one. Look neat and clean! Brush your teeth, wash yourself well, have a good looking haircut, clean shave or other style, smell good, no stains on clothes, shoes well-polished, a wrist watch to keep time and a good demeanor. All this make you look best in your office attire.

So, work on these tips and jazz up your office wear! This coming season, you will look the best in your office, we are sure. Never hesitate to experiment and look good in your everyday clothes!

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