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We all feel that jeans are a basic thing no one can go wrong with, after all they’re just jeans! Infact most of us get confused reading the labels – slim fit, low rise, straight fit, slim fit low rise and even slim fit straight .  Like whaaaat?! But that’s a common misconception that any pair of jeans can suit anyone. Its not only about the fit or the waist fitting, even the colour and pockets make a difference.

Its just so simple for the boys, a straight fitted dark blue jean can be worn by anyone to any place and for any occasion. But then again, boys don’t have curves and body parts they want to show off. We women are so complex, we want to show off our toned calf muscles but hide our heavy thighs, some of us  want to wear high waisted pants but hide the fact that our butt is flat while some of u want to show off our curves but not make it too tight.

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Now enough styles are very in, the most common ones being ripped jeans, high waisted ones as well as baggy boyfriend ones with rolled up bottoms. But not everyone can pull off every style, no not even those girls with the ‘to die for Victoria’s Secret model body’. Its time to embrace your body type by wearing the perfect jeans. Finding the right pair is like finding the perfect boy in a bunch of rowdy teenagers, but don’t worry here are some tips to help you out.

Everything matters, from colour to width to design to flare. Jeans with are flared are perfect for someone with an athletic body, these jeans are body hugging till the knee and then open out showing off the toned thighs and butt while making your calf look longer and narrower. It also makes your legs look leaner and accentuate your waist, not what more could a girl ask for.  For someone whose more on the curvy side like a pear shaped body, there’s always one problem when it comes to wear jeans – either it fits the waist and not the butt or vica versa. For such problems I say boot cut jeans! The high rise ones offsets fuller hips, while the pockets at the back are usually closer to make your butt look smaller. They also manage to give an appearance of longer legs since they flare out at the bottom, also making your lower legs look proportional to your hips.

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For someone who’s got an inverted triangle body type, should go for slim fit straight jeans preferably a darker shade of blue. Since the hips and thighs are narrower than the upper body, the straight fit jeans give an illusion of a proportional body, because they avoid drawing attention to the skinny legs. Pockets at the back help bring out the butt, and overall they make you look more shapely than normal. Coming to a completely opposite problem, an apple shaped body. Women with such body types should opt for high waisted denim jeggings, since they accentuate the slimmer legs while concealing the torso area. Avoid high waisted buttoned jeans because they create a lump at the tummy, which is something that must be concealed instead of accentuated. Pockets at the back will bring out your butt, making the upper and lower body look totally proportional.

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For someone who’s petite, finding the right fitting and length is nearly impossible. The trick is to go for low rise straight fitted jeans, ones which sit well at your waist and bring out your hips curves in the right way. Jeans which have a vertical fading design are the best option since they give an illusion of longer legs, while the pockets should be small otherwise they might reduce the shape of your butt. If you’re more towards the fuller side, go for medium rise stretch jeans which are as comfortable as they are fashionable. Straight fitting or trouser style will suit your body type as well as look good. Make sure you avoid any faded patterns on the thighs, as they’ll draw attention to the thighs; even embellishments and patchy pockets are a total no-no.

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Shape and size doesn’t matter, what matters is how you manage to look your best and walk around with a feeling of pride. As long as you’re comfortable in what you wear, no fashion trend should be a problem for you! Its time to hit the stores and fill up your over stuffed wardrobes with some more jeans, after all a girl can never have too many jeans.

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