Jewellery Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Hey there! Ever found yourself in a situation when you had no appropriate accessories for a particular occasion? Well, we’ve all been there. Apart from the very few jewellery conscious ladies, most of the rest remain oblivious to the importance of jewellery in an outfit. So, today we’re here with a complete list of jewellery essentials for every women out there. Read along!

1. Crystal stud earrings

Crystal earrings are the first to collect if you’re considering to have your own essentials collection. These earrings usually go with every kind of outfit and are very low maintenance. So, all the lazy buddies out there, make sure you have a pair or grab them the next time you go shopping!

2. Pendant Necklace

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Pendant necklaces are really important as they add so much funk to every outfit they’re worn with. If you’re not a fan of fancy jewellery but still want to look sophisticated then a pendant necklace is a must have. They’re simple, easy to wear and take care of and are very very much beautiful. So, make sure you buy one next time if you don’t have one already.

3. Hoop Earrings

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Though this is kind of a know-all thing, but hoop earrings are the best. They look good on almost every face shape and go with any kind of outfit, whether it be western or ethnic. They look absolutely stylish and that is just one of the many reasons they must be on your jewellery essentials list.

4. Funky Casual Earrings

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Now, whether you’re a jewellery hoarder or not, keeping the fun out is always out of question and that is why you need to add at least one or two funky earrings to your jewellery wardrobe. Go with a bit of colour, may be a pair of tassel earrings and a pair of silver bohemian earrings for the minimum. This will add a piece to go with whenever you feel that your outfit is boring and will add the required fun to it.

5. Statement Necklace

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Statement necklaces have a myth going around about them, that, they’re supposed to be huge, but, that’s not entirely true. Statement necklace is a piece to adorn your neck which also makes a mark. It’s the most eminent part of your outfit and attracts all the attraction towards it regardless of its size. So, search your way out for a piece that is simple yet special enough to make a statement.

6. Dressy Dangles

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We all love family functions, as a way to reconnect to our loved ones but also as a huge dressing up opportunity. It’s almost at every family function that the dress code is ethnic and if you want to look complete, you definitely need a pair of dressy dangle earrings. Pick a piece that has no coloured gems or no colour whatsoever as that will enable you to wear that piece with any colour you like. Crystals are best to go with but then, have your way, pick out the best you like but make sure you have one.

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