Jewellery essentials: Keeping up with the latest trends!

Jewellery habits have never been stagnant & we hope they’ll never be! Jewellery is every woman’s (almost) source of mirth & also, confidence & keeping up with the latest trends in jewellery becomes our aim! Hence, keeping up with the latest trends in 2015, & some, that have been there throughout, in some form or the other, I’ve listed a few range of jewellery that are major must haves in a woman’s jewellery closet.

Range of infinity jewellery

~ So here’s a snap of the currently trending range of Infinity jewellery. A piece of infinity jewellery is said to symbolize eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love. The picture above shows the basics in infinity pendants, rings & bracelets/ anklets. We also find a HUGE variety in these pieces nowadays, like studded infinity jewellery, rings and pendants carved with letters, etc etc. Thus, you have a variety of infinities to choose from, & embellish your collection!

Dream catchers!

~ Next up are DREAM CATCHERS! Dream catchers are believed to give good dreams to it’s owner, & keep nightmares away. Initially we’d come across dream catchers as only wall hangings but thank god, they’re a part of the jewellery cult now! Available as necklace, earrings, bracelets, anklets & even finger rings, dream catchers can take the bohemian look to an all new level. Plus, making them a part of everyday fashion will also keep the negative daydreams away! 😀
Dream catchers are available in the very traditional & authentic handmade styles & recently enough, they’re available in metals too.

Traditional Dream Catcher earrings

These are the traditional handmade dream catchers, full of colours!

Metal dream catcher pendant & bracelet

Metal dreamc atcher rings

These are the new range of dream catchers, that will add a tribal essence to your closets!

~ If you talk of latest trend in jewellery, you can’t certainly miss out on the “Tribales” earrings by Dior. These earrings are available in all different shades, glossy & matte & metallic. These are the absolute current trend setters from Bollywood to Hollywood, divas like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, & many more have been spotted flaunting the double sided earrings by Dior. The good news is, these earrings are available are available at a number of places at much affordable rates, like Ebay, Aliexpress, Etsy, etc.

Glossy double earrings

Matte double pearl earrings

Matte double pearl earrings

Initially as only double pearls, these beauties are now available in many other shapes too! These candy-like earrings are again, a major must have in all the closets out there!

~ Talking of jewellery, how can we leave out all the lovely hair accessories? And talking of hair accessories, the first thing that comes to my mind are the super cute, super trendy & sassy HAIR BOWS! Hair bows are super chic, can be carried off with almost every kind of attire & are sure to never grow old. Hair bows have been a part of the fashion which we now term as retro, they’re a part of present day fashion & hopefully, they’ll remain to be!

Hair bows

Bows come in different sizes, a number of shapes, different prints & styles. Bows can be styled in a variety of ways, like underneath or on top of a cute hair bun, can be styled with open hair, according to your whims & wishes.

Bow necklace

What’s the best part about these bows? Bows are no more limited to our hair only! They’re also a part of our jewellery now, as necklaces! So include these in your closet too.

All said and done, there’s no denying that certain things never get old, or out of fashion. Love what you wear, wear what you love, but also, keep up with the latest trends! And if needed, set the trends yourself! <3 🙂

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