Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. the one and only Lady Gaga is one of the most extraordinarily stunning and unpredictable singers, songwriters and actresses that the American pop music industry has known and witnessed. Unpredictable? Well, that’s because of the outfits and costumes that she’s often seen wearing at various events or shows that never ceases to catch every spectator off guard. We’ve all known her to be very confident, not to forget bold and daring when it comes to choosing her clothes or err, ensembles and what’s more intriguing is the confidence and attitude with which she flaunts her creative and ‘artistic’ attires. Below are just a few among the many on the list.

collage of gaga's weirdest outfits

lady gaga's illusion dress


lady gaga in the meat dress

lady gaga's meat purse

lady gaga's meat shoes

Umm, well, do I need to say anymore about this ‘meaty’ outfit that everyone knows about? Nobody who has ever seen or heard about this outfit can ever forget it after the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards when Miss Gaga shocked everyone with her Frank Fernandez designed attire styled by Nicola Formichetti. She said that the outfit was meant to give out a message- “If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. And I am not a piece of meat”-as Lady Gaga was quoted. A point well made you think?


lady gaga in hair dress outfit

lady gaga's hair dress outfit

Umm…this one can less be described in words and more in pictures only. The dress speaks for itself and Lady Gaga was seen performing in it during her Monster Ball Tour. Talk about whacky, eh?


lady gaga in the latex dress

lady gaga's lobster hat and latex dress

While most of us would want the lobster in our mouth and tummy, our ‘Poker Face’ singer likes it on her head.  The ‘Bad Romance’ singer attended a party in celebration of her double Monster Ball shows in London and was spotted donning a latex dress with a shiny silver glittery Crustacean topping her dual tone blond wig. Now, that’s some ‘fishy’ way to celebrate!

lady gaga wearing the lobster hat

lady gaga in latex dress and high heels


Lady Gaga Wearing a Kermit outfit during an interview for MTV

lady gaga in the kermit the frog jacket

Talk about whack and ridiculous and this one cannot go unnoticed. You all may know about Kermit the Frog. An outrageous and attention grabbing outfit, this jacket made of Kermit puppets and designed by Jean-Charles de Casetelbajac was worn by Lady Gaga for an interview with a German television in 2009. Am I the only one who’s getting a tingling feeling looking at the jacket?


lady gaga with a shell umbrella

lady gaga's shell umbrella

Our ‘Edge of Glory’ star represents all those who dream of and don’t shy away from admitting that for them every day is like a fancy dress day, at least that’s what we feel like. And I ain’t talking about any normal ‘Disney character’ fancy dress, I mean seriously jaw dropping, tantalizing and whacky fancy dress. Moreover, Lady Gaga says it out loud with just her presence in a kimono style dress holding a shell shaped umbrella which she holds with so much grace and elegance. She wore white stockings under the outfit and white sandals with heels.


Lady gaga's bubble dress

lady gaga singing in the bubble outfit

No, she wasn’t surrounded by one big bubble but many moderate sized ones in this creation by the HAUS OF GAGA (her creative team) and it was a very delicate and cute concept indeed given that bubbles symbolize fragility.  The outfit includes several plastic bubbles attached to a leotard. This costume was showcased on the ramp too.


Lady gaga in lightning bolt dress

lady gaga's lightning bolt hat

Once again Lady Gaga too everyone by surprise with yet another whacky and dazzling outfit which looked quite as if lightning had struck her body, literally. The sparkling outfit with sharp edges at the shoulders and arms was a little dangerous so Lady Gaga had to be careful while sitting and enjoying at the 2010 Grammy Awards. The body suit was designed by Armani Prive and the ‘lightning’ hat by her hot favourite hat designer Phillip Treacy.


lady gaga walking wearing the hair button hat

 lady gaga's hair button hat

Hair, controversies and Lady Gaga seemed to go long back as is seen with every controversial outfit that the Monster Mother is seen snapped in day-in day-out. She likes to play with hair too. If you thought that the hair-dress outfit was her only experiment with hair then you’re sadly mistaken, friend. Seen at a charity event in the United Kingdom, the ‘Edge of Glory’ famed star was snapped sporting a, umm, ‘hat’ which was in the shape of a large button made of artificial hair that quite beautifully blend with the colour of her natural blond hair. Funny? Sexy? Bold? Whacky?Ridiculous? Well, for it matters this look could be all these at once!

lady gaga wearing the hair button hat


lady gaga in the pyro bra lady gaga's pyro bra

She’s not only controversial when it comes to her costumes and dresses but she also believes in taking creativity and conceptualization to a whole new level. The Pyro Bra which she wore for her ‘Poker Face’ performance at the Much Music Video Awards is no ordinary bra or top but a very interesting one. It shoots sparks out of her bra using a remote control! Yes, you heard me right. She had said at that time that the outfit was a way of transforming the female body into a weapon and was inspired by Hawaii and designer Matthew Wiiliams. Talk about ‘Girl Power’ eh?

lady gaga pyro bra B&W


lady gaga in the octopus dress

lady gaga's octopus dress

Now, I don’t know if this costume was officially given any other name but for me that’s what it looks like. Congratulations to Lady Gaga because she has now officially won the title for the most hideous and whacky outfits of all times. The American pop singer wore this attire to her performance for Artrave at Ft. Lauderdale. The costume had numerous powder blue coloured octopus-like limbs with pink spots protruding frombehind starting from the waist and two big ones emerging from the head. Whacky enough?

While these are just some of the many outrageous and unique costumes/dresses that we’ve ever seen this bold singer wearing it is quite prominent from her confidence and ‘don’t-give-a-care-in-the-world’ attitude that proves that she’s here for the long haul and people’s vies and judgments on her team’s creations don’t matter to her at all. She believes in bringing reform in terms of what’s acceptable and what’s not and always has a thoughtful motto for what she wears but while some of her ideas are quite sensitive and thoughtful, some just don’t seem to appeal to the masses or a fraction of it. We all have our own set of opinions about this star but she never ceases to surprise us every time with her decisions.



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