Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

Want beautiful hair without working too hard or spending too much time and effort on styling your hair?

Here are a few hair hacks that you can use to make your hair look beautiful and with a lot less effort…

1. Use color eye shadow to color hair

eyeshadow on hair

Use color eye shadow which is the same shade as your hair to give your scalp a thick look. If you want your scalp to look fuller and healthier, take an eye shadow of the same color as your hair, and apply it across the partition. This will give you a fuller scalp look. this is most helpful for people who have a wide partition.

2. Use toothbrush to tame fly away hair

tame fyaways with toothbrush

tame eyebrows with toothbrush

Use toothbrush to tame fly away hair. Take and old toothbrush and apply some hair spray onto it and run it over your hair to tame the fly aways. This can also be used to set and shape your eye brows.

3. Pretty effortless soft waves

roll up hair and secure with bobby pins

After washing your hair, if you do not feel like styling it or drying it then just tie it up in a low bun and secure it with a clip or bobby pins and get back to doing whatever that you want. After your hair dries, just untie the bun and you will have pretty effortless soft waves on your hair.

4. Pretty waves

low bun on wet hair

If you want waves and are not in a mood to sit with a curler on your head, then try this: roll up sections of your hair and pin it up with bobby pin onto your scalp. Go to bed or go ahead with your chores. Remove the bobby pins and run your fingers through your hair for pretty waves.

5. Beautiful mermaid waves

no heat overnight waves

If you love curled hair, but don’t have the time or patience for it then just do this. Before going to bed braid up your hair loosely. In the morning you will have beautiful mermaid waves. A loose braid will give you less obvious waves but a tight braid will give you well defined waves. If you have thin hair, go for the former one and if you have thick hair go for the latter one.

6. More waves

You can braid your hair by dividing it into multiple sections if you want to have more waves. Depending on how wavy you want your hair to look, so lets get braiding.

7. Hair is too greasy

baby powder on hair

baby powder

If your hair is too greasy and you know for sure that you won’t be getting up early to wash your hair, then grab some baby powder and put it onto your scalp and massage it onto your head before sleeping. The baby powder will soak up all the oil on the head.

8. Spray hair spray on bobby pins

spraying bobby pins with hairspray

Spray hair spray on bobby pins and put on your hair. Have you ever wondered if you could put booby pins in the morning onto your hair and your hair stayed in place for the whole day? Well just spray your bobby pins with hair spray and put them onto your hair. This will hold the bobby pins in place the whole day. This hack is literally my favorite one.

9. T-shirts to dry hair

t shit to dry hair

Replace towel with t-shirts to dry hair. T-shirts absorb water faster than normal towels and this will help you dry your hair faster and will also prevent your hair from frizzing up.

10. Hair Washing tip

wash only bangs

If you have bangs and the bangs look greasy, wash only the bangs in the sink. This will save time and give you great looking hair.

11. For quick curls

quick curl

For quick curls. Tie your hair up in a pony tail (preferably a high ponytail). Divide your hair into two or three sections and curl it up. This will give you quick curls. Just run your fingers through your hair and you are all set.

12. Bad Hair?


Cover or hide a bad hair day with a cool turban, bandana or a hat.

13. Put your bobby pins in the right way.

bobby pin right way

14. A low bun, or a messy bun is easy to do and looks amazing too plus is very easy to do…

low bunmessy bun

try out these amazing hair hacks and share your experiences or any other hair hack that you know of….

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