#LetsBeejIt started with us not finding the little sparrow any more around us, the sparrow that takes us back to our fond childhood memories of summer vacations. We got down to reading more about it and have been grappling with the dying planet vortex, ever since. Our planet needs us now, more than ever. And we are ready, up with our armour of love, care and responsibility.

Every brand and every individual today, has a responsibility towards the planet and we cannot stress this further! We like to do our bit by spreading some natural cheer with some seeds and spark those good old memories of childhood at the same time. We send some seeds, or as we like to call it, the wonders of nature, with every product delivery for our customers to plant and nurture them. We are aware of the humongous amounts of plastic in our oceans. Our earnest attempts at reducing (and eventually removing) plastic usage in our packaging are getting sharpened every second, as you read this.

We, at Wonder Wardrobes, urge all our customers and fellow residents of the planet to please be mindful of their tiny, little acts in their everyday lives, so as to help us build a sustainable and beautiful future ahead. No step is a small step and every step counts. Let us all come together and be on the right side of the history. Let us save our planet before it’s too late.

What’s in there for our customers

Plant those seeds and send us a selfie and you shall get a due reward of 20% cashback for being a good samaritan!