#LifeHacks: How To Store Junk Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are extremely delicate and need to be preserved with utmost care. We pay a lot of attention to how we choose to store our diamonds, but seem to throw our junk jewellery with utmost abandon. This is so not right, ladies. You’ve got to know how to store junk jewellery efficiently if you want them to last long. And we know you do. Let’s help you out with it a bit.

  1. Air-tight Containers

Keeping your junk jewellery away from moisture has to be your utmost priority. Keep your jewellery in air-tight containers to prevent them from getting tarnished. Not just that, it will also come in handy to keep your baubles organised.

2. Zip lock bags

If you do not have a lot of space in your dressing table to store bulky boxes, you could also store your junk jewellery in zip lock bags. Once neatly secured, you could place your bags in any drawer and you’re good to go. Talk about saving space!

3. Silica Gel Bags

Remember those tiny little packets of silica gel you used to get with your water bottles in childhood and now, with your handbags? Do not throw them away. Place one or two silica gel bags in your junk jewellery containers. Silica gel will absorb all the moisture and help prevent your jewellery from getting tarnished. Your jewellery would look just as new!

4. Butter Paper Linings

Knowing how to store junk jewellery is no rocket science, but it sure has some science behind it! Line your jewellery pieces with butter paper, while storing them in boxes. This would ensure that the pieces do not scratch against other surfaces and retain their original shine.

5. Don’t Over-Pack

Clustering a lot of jewellery pieces together may not be a very good idea. They can get entangled with one another, leading to scratched surfaces and even breakage. It’s always better to have compartmentalised boxes to store the jewellery neatly.

With these quick and easy tips, we’re sure you can master the skill of how to store junk jewellery. Go on and pread the gospel, wonder women. And watch out this space for more as we come up with something *big*. Real soon.


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