Picking up the perfect lingerie according to the body type is very important. We all love the beautiful and the lacy lingerie and it is very difficult to resist them. They are so pretty and fabulous that it makes a woman feel pretty and fabulous from within. But if the lingerie is not selected according to the body type then there is no point of selecting a beautiful lingerie set. Everything should match your body perfectly. We are discussing the tips to choose the perfect lingerie according to body type.


If you are one of those having a small chest then the push-up bras with the heavy under padding are the best option for you. You can experiment with lots of styles and shapes in the push-up bra category. The heavy lace and the embroidered ones are also some of the bras which you can easily carry. Avid those bras which have the wider shoulder strap. For the bottom wears you can choose the lacy underwears with a thin waistband or the seamless panties because these kinds will match the bra in the perfect way and you can always keep the coordination game strong.

lingerie according to body type


If you have a body type which is heavy and broad at the top and relatively slimmer at the bottom then you should opt for the full cup bras with the thin underwires. These kinds of bras will give you the perfect support. A balconette bra will also suit your body type in the best way. You can obviously wear the padded bras but choose the ones with the thin padding because you do not need extra and the unnecessary volume. High waisted briefs with the thick waistline are the ideal bottom wear selection for you. These will create a wonderful balance in your upper and the lower body.

lingerie according to body type


The straight frame means that your upper and the lower body frame matches equally and you probably have the fewer curves. So, for such body types, you need to wear that lingerie which provides you slight curves. You should choose the push-up bras to give you a tightened support. This will accentuate your upper body and would tighten your waist which will give you the illusion of a slimmer waist and a curvy body. You are lucky enough for wearing the ruffles and the printed panties. This will also dissect your waist from the hips and give you beautiful curves.

lingerie according to body type


If you have the big hips and the thighs then low rise knickers and the boy shorts would look wonderful. For the bras, you can choose the lacy bras with vertically striped prints as they would look good on you. For the padding, you can choose the moderate paddings. Also, the baby dolls and the light gowns are perfect for your body type. This kind of lingerie will make your body look the best and also lower area a bit lighter than usual.

lingerie according to body type

These were some of the best ways to choose your lingerie according to body type. You should keep a note of the best parts of your body and keep a focus on those parts and make purchases accordingly. Also, choose the ones in which you are comfortable in otherwise there is no point choosing lingerie according to body type.

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