Lingerie Rules: 5 Lingerie Commandments Every Girl should Know

More people, more trends and more trendy lingerie! While some trends are followed religiously, others are bunked for not being as flattering. There are several commandments in fashion which everyone must follow to be fashionable. Same goes with the lingerie. We bring 5 lingerie commandments which are necessary for every girl to know.

1. Perfect Fit Matters

Perfect Fit Matters

You must buy lingerie of the perfect size for yourself. You must keep a check on your size every time you are going for lingerie shopping. A lingerie item which is not your size will never flatter your body type. Your outfits would never be the same in the wrong lingerie size.

2. One That Matches your Body Type

Some lingeries may look uber sexy and very trendy but may not essentially match your body type.  Hence, you pretty much must swear on the lingerie commandment to never buy what does not flatter your body type

3. Lingerie Commandements of No Slouching

Slouching can make your stomach look bloated even if it is not. Slouching is common when the size is either small or the underwire does not fit right. These can make you look stretched and slouched and that is a lingerie blunder to avoid. Another lingerie commandment which you must keep in mind!

4. Trust In Fabrics

Choose the fabrics are you are comfortable in. While cotton is definitely a favourite, but if you feel you can carry satin and silk on regular days then you can go for it too but ONLY if you can carry them. Otherwise, itchiness, sweat, and irritation are normal for the skin. If these lingerie commandments are kept in mind then you can never go wrong with your inner wears.

5. Quality Check is a Must

Buying branded lingerie or not is your take but even if you are choosing for the non-branded ones, you must check the quality. Like checking for the stronger bra straps, durable panty elastics, fine wire and more. If the quality is poor then you can never feel comfortable in it.

These were the most important lingerie commandments which are a must to follow to ensure that every lingerie fits you the best.

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