Lingerie is a very important part of every girl’s wardrobe from her teenage. There are several changes in the body structure and hence the essential of lingerie ranks very high. And right from the teenage to the time in her 20s, lingerie is very important for a girl. This is the prime age of youth for all the girls. There are many lingerie rules which every girl in her 20s must know because they will help you to select the best lingerie for your body type and also never go wrong. So, here are few lingerie commandments for every girl who is in her 20s.


You will come across different types of bras and you will be always attracted towards the prettiest ones. The ones which have the laces, high paddings, backless, strapless and many more bras are there which you immensely love. But, all may not suit you or there are various types in all these categories which you may not know. So, you need to try the bra before buying because there will always be a constant change in your size.

lingerie commandments


Knowing about the varieties of lingerie is very important and more important than that is knowing which variety will suit your body and your outfit the best. You should be aware of the fine panty lines beneath your clothes and hence seamless panties must be your pick. And for the off shoulder tops, instead of choosing that transparent strap you should go for the strapless straps.

lingerie commandments


The sexy bras, lacy panties or the ultra sexy baby dolls are not only for the special nights but you can try them whenever you want to. Keep your happiness level high with such lingerie items and experiment with them when you feel like. You should dress up for yourself and at this age, you should try everything that is new and trendy. You must know how to keep the sensuality level high for yourself.

lingerie commandments


You should experiment with all the new trends at this age. You must never be afraid to try anything new or trendy but also make sure that you are not going OTT. Wearing an extremely blingy bra under a white shirt can be a disaster but if worn under a black mesh top, it can do wonders. So, all you have to do is be wise and style in the best way. Going OTT is liked by none.

lingerie commandments


You must try out the various fabrics but should never compromise on them. If you get a very pretty lingerie in a shop but the fabric is not at all rich and pure, you should immediately ditch it and go for the pure fabric. A lingerie which is made of a good fabric also has good hygiene maintenance and you should trust this only.

These were some of the lingerie commandments for every girl in her 20s. These are some tips which you must always follow and never forget because these will help you in choosing the correct lingerie every time. Also, spread these lingerie commandments amongst all your girlfriends.

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