5 Easy Lingerie Hacks to Make Your Inner Wear Last Longer

Let’s face it, Lingerie shopping is love but also very-very expensive (unless they are not on the super deals)! And when the underwire pokes through the skin and gets damaged, it pokes our heart. Here are 5 lingerie hacks that will make those investment pieces last a lot more.

1. Ditch the hook, Dry them flat

Believe me or not, I’ve wasted hell loads of money on bras that I washed and hung by the strap and well, the next time over one strap needed to be adjusted to fit my shoulder right.

So that said, wet elastic may lose elasticity if hung, as the bra gets heavier due to water. Squeeze out as much water as possible without spoiling the shape of the bra and then lay them flat to dry. With your underwear too, the elastic last way better if not hung.

2. Storage issues? Stack them right

My heart aches when I see people overturning the cup to store the bra. Sure that fits one cup into the other and saves on space, but is that space worth all the money and love you put into the bra?

With non-underwired and no padding bra, you can go how you like but the fancier the bra, the more you need to be sure of storing them right and use some lingerie hacks. Avoid crunching them and stack them right in a drawer to increase the longevity.

3. Poking wires? Go the moleskin way

We’ve all had that favorite bra that has been worn so much that the wire has started to poke through. Not like it doesn’t happen to newer bras, but well, tragedy.

You could however simply use a piece of moleskin fabric and sew it where the wire pokes out and you will be good to wear that bra for another year to go. These lingerie hacks are worth it.

4. Hairspray and clear polish Lingerie Hacks

The pantyhose and tights can ruin the outfit if they are subjects to runs and ruins. To avoid any such runs you could paint with clear polish wherever you see the fabric running out, or simply spray a generous amount of hairspray to increase opacity and also protecting them from runs.

5. If you don’t want them to stay, wash the stain away

I’m not questioning your hygiene, but at some time or the other, we’ve all had period leakages and sweat patches. I remember ruining a new skin-colored bra when the color of my shirt bled, and it colored me green too! But well, have a stain on your innerwear? Don’t leave it for later and wash it immediately under cold water. Yes, you heard that right. Cold water will ensure that the stain does not get locked into the fabric.

Now that you know these lingerie hacks, its time you could wear the expensive Wacoal bra without bothering about how long will it last.

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