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Do you also feel that lingerie shopping is much more cautious and time taking than regular shopping? Or, are you one of those who feel shy while sharing their size with the store keeper? Or, maybe you are even more awkward when you suddenly bump into one of the male friends in the mall while […]


Picking up the perfect lingerie according to the body type is very important. We all love the beautiful and the lacy lingerie and it is very difficult to resist them. They are so pretty and fabulous that it makes a woman feel pretty and fabulous from within. But if the lingerie is not selected according […]


Gone are the stereotypical and the boring days when the peek-a-boos of the bra strap was not acceptable or the sight of the bra from the plunging neckline outfit was a wardrobe malfunction. Today, it is the fashion and trend of the ultra sexy bralettes. I am sure you must have gone through various articles […]

We Help You in Finding the Right Bra for You, Ready?

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The chest of a woman is often highly neglected in most cases nowadays while dressing up. Do you want to know what’s wrong with your dress? Why it fits so shabbily? Change your bra and do yourself a favour. I cannot emphasize on how important it is to find the right bra of the perfect […]

Lingerie Guide: 7 Perfect Lingerie for every kind of outfit

lingeri guide

There is nothing wrong in splurging on different kinds of lingerie items, which we always do. In fact, it is very important to have different kinds of lingerie for different kinds of outfits because the perfect lingerie makes your outfit look much better. Wearing a plunging bra while the workout is a very bad idea […]


Today we are talking about some of the summer lingerie options which every woman must have in her wardrobe. Why is summer lingerie even necessary? Because they are lighter. Also, in summers we wear lighter clothes and we need a perfect summer lingerie so that the lingerie is not seen from under the clothes. Also, […]

Buying Lingerie Online: 10 Tips You Must Follow

buying lingerie online

We all know that in spite of our Sarojini Nagar love, there is always one thing which we cannot really buy from there. Yes, ladies, you guessed it right. Lingerie! Because hygiene. Most of the stuff at street markets tends to be export reject or at times, second hand material too! Or so the legend […]

“Ballad of a Bralette” – Ways To Style Bralettes This Season!

"Ballad of a Bralette" - Ways To Style Bralettes This Season!

A naughty yet a very true quote by Christian Dior, “Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show”;) Girls, we all  agree to the fact, that all of us  love to wear pretty and sexy lingerie, and if you don’t, then, uh, you are from a different planet! 😀 Lingerie needs to […]

10 types of bra every girl should know about

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Just because bras are worn inside your shirt, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear only one kind of bra everyday, under every kind of top! Its fun to mix and match your bras with everyday clothing and if you know the formula you can add vogue to your look just with the right […]

How To Store Your Lingerie!

Keep your underwear protected

The joy of opening your closet’s drawer to find your lingerie arranged is amazing. What is up with putting on sexy bras and panties that makes us feel like the most badass angel out there? So, keeping them safe and clean is our eternal job cause they ain’t coming cheap and they are delicate. *feels […]