Women are generally found to be very picky over some of the things like clothes, food, friends, their man, and lingerie. Yes, this is true. Women are very picky and peculiar about these things in their life. I am sure every woman reading this would relate to this fact. But have you wondered that why are we so picky and choosy over these things? I mean yes I can understand why we want to be so choosy for the men, but why with the lingerie? What is so important about it? So, here I am bringing some of the basic reasons as for why women are so picky and choosy for their lingerie selection. I am sure all of you will relate to this.


We never want to wear anything which does not flatter our body or which does not make us look the best. Hence we go on searching for the best lingerie which flatters our body the best and accentuates our curves. If we do not pick up the lingerie piece which hides out bulges and has a firm grip on our body, then the entire look can be disappointing and hence correct lingerie selection is essential.

lingerie selection


Another reason for us to be very picky for the lingerie is the fabric. Of course, we love the satin and the crepe fabric but that is not always best for our skin. We cannot wear these all the time and they are not very comfortable. So, we may like a certain product but we may not be comfortable with its fabric and hence we go for further lingerie selection and choose that fabric which is the best for our skin.

lingerie selection


It may not be a very common sight for the Indian women to see them in the bikini for the public appearance but still, we are very much concerned about the appearance and the outlook of every piece of lingerie we use. We never want to wear any lingerie which does not fit the best with our figure or the one which does not make us look pretty in anyway. This factor also makes us picky with the lingerie selection.

lingerie selection


We never like the peek-a-boos or any kind of sneak peeks of what we are wearing under our clothes until we want to flaunt them. We can flaunt our lingerie exactly in the way we want and other than that we hate if any kind of malfunctions happens. And by this I mean, I would never like if my black bra strap is seen underneath the white shirt. We all hate such sneak peeks and hence we have to think about all our clothes while the lingerie selection.

lingerie selection


There is always a confusion in the minds of every girl relating to the lingerie selection. We may always fret over selecting either the plunge bra or the push-up bra. We like all and we want all but we have to go for just the one piece and here is where the confusion starts. Hence, we become so picky because we don’t know exactly that what will look the best on us. And hence, it takes so much time for us to choose the best product.

lingerie selection

So, these were some of the basic reasons that why all the women, including me, are so picky and choosy about their lingerie selection. The main thing is that we don’t want to get ourselves wrong in any situation and also we hate criticisms at any scenario and hence we tend to be so peculiar and specific about our lingerie.

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