Do you also feel that lingerie shopping is much more cautious and time taking than regular shopping? Or, are you one of those who feel shy while sharing their size with the store keeper? Or, maybe you are even more awkward when you suddenly bump into one of the male friends in the mall while lingerie shopping. *cringe alert* Well, I can feel you. Here are few real life lingerie shopping scenarios we all deal with. So, just scroll down and have a look.

1. When you find your perfect size and shape after too much struggle at the mall.

“Ohh! My love, where have you been so long?”

2. When you find the sexiest lingerie in the store.

“ Ooh la la! You sexy babe, come to me.”

3. When the store dealer does not understand your wants and comes up with wrong choices every time.

“This is breaking my heart and I am going to lose my patience soon.”

4. When you come across a really kinky and an awful lingerie in the store.

“I cannot believe this, is this possible? Who designs such pieces?”

5. When you realize it’s time to go for lingerie shopping.

“Oh, shit! I don’t want to face that trauma again.”

6. When the storekeeper asks you about the lingerie details and the moment goes awkward.

“What, are you serious? How shall I tell you that?”

7. When bae asks you why you need to go shopping only for lingerie.

“Did you say ONLY lingerie? How can you underestimate it?”

8. When you can’t find the perfect lingerie after a full day search.

“This is really sad and I hate my life.”

9. When your friend shows you a not so good lingerie item and convinces you to buy.

“Bro, are you even serious. This is pathetic.”

10. When you finally try what you buy and are extremely happy about it.

“Finally, this is it. I am very happy with myself.”

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