Lip Colors That Look Best With Smokey Eyes

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The smokey eye makeup can be done in a number of ways, thick, thin, color, with liquid liners, gel liners, kohl pencil, eye shadow, shimmer etc.

And we all love to do the smokey eyes. I bet every single one of us has seen a number of smokey eyes tutorials and wanted to try them on ourselves. And we have tried and tried and perfected the smokey eye look that we all drool over when we see our favorite celebrity sporting it.

smokey eyes

The fact is that you cannot go wrong with any lip color with smokey eyes. Buy there are a few shades that will bring out the desired look and not overpower or steal the thunder from your smokey eyes that you have taken days and months to perfect.

Have you thought about it and wondered if you can go wrong?

Well today were going to talk about which lip colors go best with smokey eyes and which will give you the desired look.

But before we start, a few makeup essentials for nailing that smokey eyes and perfect lip color

  • Always have perfectly shaped eyebrows and highlight appropriately. This will accentuate your eyes and make the smoky look neat and clean.
  • Do not put on too much of bronzer or blush. The minimal you put this the better you will look.
  • Just because you are doing smokey eyes, do not avoid putting makeup. Makeup is just an aid in giving you the sultry look that you desire.

Let’s begin with the lip colors that look best with smokey eyes which will give you a pretty pout to mesmerize everyone who sees you.



pink lipsick with smokey eyes

There are various shades available in pink. But the ones that go best with a smoky eye look are pale pink and medium pink. Bright pink may look good but only if you have an extremely fair complexion. Go for natural shades.

Your best bet is pale to medium pink. This color gives your lips a sweet look and will not overpower your smoky eye. You can try this shade of lipstick with a color smoky eye, preferably dark shades like blue, grey, deep green etc.


red lipstick with smokey eyes

Yes, RED. You may think that putting on red lipstick with smoky eyes is like a big mistake, even though some believe that one cannot pull off smoky eyes and red lipstick together, believe you me, if done properly, this look can get a lot of heads turning  to get glances of you. Go for red if it is an extremely important event or occasion.

Your best bet is to go for matte lighter shades of red or a gloss. Lighter shades and gloss effect will not brighten your lips as much as a gloss will. It will help you minimalize or rather tone down or balance an extremely dramatic eye that you have going on.



coral lipsick with smokey eyes

If you have warm skin tone, the best lipstick that you wear with smoky eyes is peach or coral shade, these are shades which will not only flatter your lips but also not grab the attention from your eyes.

Your best bet is to go for coral lipstick and peach lip gloss. These shades give you a fresh and sparkly appealing look.



plum lipstick with smokey eyes

Lighter shades of plum will also give you amazing results with smoky eyes. The trick is to not choose too bright or too dark shades.

Your best bet is to go with light to medium range of shades of plum. Deep plum may just give you an overdone look.



nude lipstick with smokey eyes

If you are doing extremely dramatic eyes, then it best to go for nude shades. Also if you want to look effortless go for nude shades.

Your best bet is to choose a nude lipstick that goes with your skin tone. They don’t make your face dull. You won’t look worn out and your pout will look plumped and full too. And has the ability to build your look and also not grab from the smoky eyes.



clear gloss

For colorful, dramatic, and powerful smoky eyes, it is best to go for a clear gloss. This will add moisture and shine to your lips and also will not steal the glamour from our eyes.

Your best bet is to prime your lips and go for clear gloss of your choice. Avoid this if you have pigmented, or worn off lips.

hope this article clears everything you had a doubt regarding smokey eyes and lip colors that go with it

Go and do wonders with those gorgeous eyes and luscious pout!

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