Lipstick brands to Fall in Love with this Summer

With summers approaching, I’m getting super excited with the all new wardrobe of mine, beach dresses, crop tops, shorts and flip flops pretty much sum it up for me! I love them all!
But one thing that stands out is lipstick. I feel that lipstick looks cool in all seasons but they look sexy as hell when worn right during summers. I don’t know why I think that but that’s just how it is! Lipsticks makes you feel confident and sexy. Not only does it make your lips look fuller and protects your lips, It also gives that spark to your eyes and intensify them and defines them in such beautiful manner.
So here’s the list of lipsticks that will make those heads turn!

1) Revlon Matte Lipstick

Revlon has time and again proven to us that it is the best. It’s range is a little pricy but, it’s totally worth it. It has got this range with the beautiful shades and its for sensitive lips. It keeps your lips moisturised and healthy.

2) L’Oreal Colour Rich Moist

After revlon our next favourite is L’Oreal range of colour rich moist. This lipstick has got this formula which keeps those lips perfectly moisturised and prevents it from bleeding. This range has 12 shades and is available at an affordable price of Rs 899.

3) Maybelline

The high shine colour sensation lip gloss in coral colour is my favourite and I feel that this colour is perfect for all skins. From dark to light, all the skin shades look very beautiful with this colour. This is a little to the orange side and it gives a fuller look to your lips.

4) NYX

This is a really affordable lipstick range with 22 rich shades starting from pure Red to Nude. It can captivate your lips in 22 beautiful colours with price range from just Rs 450.

5) Faces

This is a Canadian brand which is enriched with Vitamin E and extracts of raw mangoes which not only makes you feel confident and sexy but also repairs your lips against any climate change. It is easy to apply and it blends into your lips in a really creamy manner.

6) Colour Bar

It’s lipsticks are in all ranges staring from Rs275 and can go up to a range of Rs1200. I’ve even recently bought a lipstick from Color Bar which is this really sweet pink colour costing Rs900 and I must say I’m not just really satisfied with it but also in love with this!

7) Street Wear

Another really affordable lipstick brand with lipstick starting from Rs 200 only. It has got this huge range of lipsticks in a variety of colours. These lipsticks are budget friendly and a single swipe gives a nice intense colour to lips.

That said add the pinks and corals to your summer wardrobe this season. It’s time for your lips to do the talking.

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