Lipstick Shades For the Summer

Whether you’re heading to the beach, to the mall, out with friends, or just for a walk with yourself for company, there’s a perfect lipstick shade for you. However, this summer, move past the reds and the browns, and try on something a little more out of the box. Here are 5 lipstick shades for you to try out this summer.





Nude lipsticks are definitely your safest bet. They are easily paired with simple outfits to give a very airy, summery effect, and can also balance a heavy outfit by keeping the clothes in focus while complementing it. Pair it with bold eye makeup for a dramatic flourish.




Although it looks very simple, peach lipstick is quite tricky to apply, especially on Indian skin tones, because it may end up making you look washed out, which you wouldn’t want. This classy lipstick is also an all-round-the-year sort of shade, and easily dressed up or down. It usually complements any blues or greens in your outfit very well.


orange lip


If you’re daring (and you need to be, for this), be sure to try out an orange shade, which is taking the world by storm. Only when correctly applied can it look classy; wear it wrong and it looks vulgar. There’s a lot of talk about this shade knocking the classic red lippie out of the running, which is why you need to get your hands on this shade ASAP. You can go full out neon orange, or stay on the safe side with softer shades of orange mixed with other shades. Pick up some hints from celebrities pulling off this trend.

4. 50 Shades of Purple



Purple is definitely a dangerous colour to apply, but when done well, it looks glamorous. Like orange, it’s one of the brighter colours that have dominated the runways in the past year. It’s best paired with subtle outfits, otherwise the effect might be quite jarring. Keep in mind your skin tone while picking out shades as the wrong shade may end up looking like paint, which is obviously not the effect you’re going for.

 5. Vamp



Although this colour is usually preferred during autumn, and towards winter, there’s not restriction! You can apply it on a crazy summer’s night when you go clubbing with your friends, to add to the dark and trendy atmosphere. Dark red or deep purple shades usually give you the best vamp effect. Pair it with dark smoky eyes to complete the punk look. Start with a softer colour, before you ease your face into an all out vamp colour.

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