Lipstick Shades You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Listicks! I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, I’m a lipstick person. Personally, I think that the lipsticks we choose play a major role on all our makeup “outcomes”. From the nude-ish pink to the scarletest red, I can assure you that lipsticks can fix and detect the attention away of our faces’ imperfections. In this article, I’ll try to keep you up-to-date with the lipstick shades that are always on the trends!


NARS Winered Lipstick
Wine Red Lipstick

The one and only, the most used during Winter and in many occasions Summer. It brings an aura of mystery to your makeup and it makes your eye makeup pop out! Burgundy red is surely here to stay.


Nude Lipstick
Best Nude Coloured Lipsticks

Nudes have a special place in everyday makeup. On a daily basis, especially in late mornings we either don’t have time or we don’t really want to do a full face makeup, on those particular mornings nude colours save the day.


Classic Red.

Poppy Red Lipstick By Mac
Classic Red Lipstick By Givenchy

It’s obvious that I love red-ish lipsticks. I mean who doesn’t? They’re classic, they’re never out of the trends, they never fail to bring back the 60’s-70’s era, to me, they’re perfect.


Matte Mauve.

Matte Mauve Lipstick

Matte Mauve Lipsticks

Bam, matte mauve was this year’s highlighted lipstick. It was used by celebrities all around the world and it’s officially one of the most-used lipsticks for the year, pretty flawless!

Lastly, Girly Pink.

Pretty In Pink Lipstick

Baby Pink Lipstick

Okay, I may not like pink that much but I have to agree on the part that a pink-ish coloured lipstick can surely get you the girly vibe!

All those lipsticks are guaranteed to be your makeup’s highlights! Choose your favourite shade, create your perfect makeup, try it on and let us know!

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