What to look out for in Chennai malls?

Every one of us Chennaites head for a mall when we don’t have anything to do on weekends and for some of us it has almost become a habit. We know every nook and corner of every city mall and we also know exactly which shop or where we want to go in each mall. But for those who are new to the city, all they see are the store fronts and they often miss out on the little quirks. So here’s a little guide for you on what to lookout for the next time you head out to malls.

Chennai Citi Center:

chennai citi center

According to me it is one very beautiful looking piece of architecture. Built with a medieval look, you can’t beat its location, being right next to the Marina Beach. It has a lot of branded stores and great eateries. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Van Gogh color room situated in the first floor. It is an instant photo kiosk, where you take a photo and apply whatever effects you want to it. The photo is printed immediately and is framed if you want. It will sure be a great display on your living room wall!

Phoenix Market City:

concert at phoenix market city

Phoenix Market City is one of the newest malls in the city and it also one of the largest. This mall has introduced many things to the city including Hard Rock Café, Manchester United Shop, Starbucks etc… Apart from these, Phoenix is also known for the various concerts happening at the mall very frequently. Concerts at Phoenix always have something to offer to every music enthusiast in the city- from Maya Azucena (MTV’s award winning singer), to Sachin-Jigar duo, to ABBA GOLD. So if you happen to be in Chennai, make sure you attend one of these concerts and get jived!


pix 5d cinema1

EA or Express Avenue is a mall most famous for its movie theatres (Escape by Sathyam). But in recent times Pix 5D Cinema has also opened there. It is said to offer entertainment of a kind that can only be dreamt of! It is supposed to make the viewer fell like a part of the movie with effects like jumping, flying, bending, racing, tumbling, all in sync with the screen activity! This also includes feeling effects like smoke, snow fall, bubbles, thunder, storm, wind, rainfall, all of which are sure to give a mind blowing cinema watching experience.

Ramee Mall:

bowling alley ramee mall

Though it is one of the lesser known malls of Chennai, Ramee Mall is famous for its impeccable bowling alley. Named Q Play, this bowling alley features six lanes and is fully equipped for Glow Bowling with black lights, glow in the dark bowling balls, a cyber-sphere that lights up the alley and great stereo system. It will be a great way to spend time on a weekend with friends!

Ampa Skywalk:

pandora ice skating

Ampa Skywalk is best known for its cosy PVR Cinemas, but nowadays, it is the talk of the town for another reason. Pandora has opened there and it is the first and only ice skating rink in Chennai!! It also provides an ample supply of food and beverages.

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