Looks That Will Land You The Job

Let’s all agree that going for job interviews can be traumatic, even if you have a pretty solid resume. Sure, skills and talent matter but interviews is the moment when you shine and charm your perspective boss as to why you are perfect for the job. The next big question- What should I wear? The black blazer and pumps are certainly safe but cliché; you need something that will make them consider you. Here are some looks that will land you the perfect job.

Corporate Classic

classic corporate look

Companies that have a business or business casual dress code, a basic and conservative look will do the trick. A conservative business suit is recommended but you can skip the classic black and opt for a printed suit instead. Try wearing a printed blazer which is both sophisticated and fearless and you will stand out for sure. To avoid going overboard, try wearing it with a simple white blouse and sleek black pumps.


Sheath Dress with details

Sheath dress
An LBD or navy blue dress might be your standby for a job interview in creative industry, but it will do you no favor in standing out. Go a little different and try one with a zipper detail and layer it up with a tailored jacket. Finish up with python heels and you will have an interesting and creative mix of ensembles.


Startup Style

casual corporate style
You don’t want to stand completely out of place where everyone comes to work in jeans and flannels. Showing up a in a black suit will only indicate that you won’t fit in the company’s culture. But it is no opportunity to turn up in a hippy outfit too. You could opt for smart formals, black jeans and a simple shirt or sweater. A casual dress would work well too along with ballet flats and a small bag. Add a piece of statement jewelry and you are good to go.


Tie a Scarf

corporate look
Tie a floral printed scarf over soothing hues of blush, gray and nude. Wrap or tie it around your neck to add a pop of color to the drab outfit. You could also wrap it around the handle of you bag giving it a creative twist.


When the Interviewer Wears Prada

You won’t land the fashion job in a black sweater or skirt in an industry where everyone walks around looking like they came straight out of a fashion magazine. You will have to dress your part because being too stuffy or business formal will indicate you will not fit. You need to look polished and professional and to get the look, pair a business-like piece with something fun and chic (a blouse or belt). Add one and only one statement piece like a bold watch, patent pumps or a collar necklace.

The trick is to target your look for the job you are applying in a similar manner like you target your resume and answers. A perfect look may not get you the job, but will sure keep you in the running.

All the best!

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