Loosen Up This Summer

If you’ve always associated loose trousers with lazy, rainy days, you’re wrong. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there, done that. This summer, are you feeling the heat, but you’re not willing to go all out in shorts and a tank top? Jogger, palazzo and lounge pants to the rescue! Loosen up, experiment a little, and give your legs some breathing space. These pants are made in a variety of fabrics to suit every temperature spike this summer. So here’s the low down on how to style joggers palazzos and lounge pants.


Jogger pants are quintessentially comfortable. They’re loose at the body and tight at the ankles and this gives you a slight shape as well, in spite of the otherwise baggy fit. The waist usually comes with a drawstring or elastic, or both, so this ensures all round comfort. The best part is, no matter how many ice creams you down to beat the heat, the expandable waistline make sure that you’re still comfortable, even as your waist itself expands! Pair these pants with a tank top and flats, and you’re all set to take a quick run to the grocery store, or spend the bucks on street shopping. Alternatively, you can achieve the completely opposite look by pairing the pants with a crop top or tight top, statement necklaces and a pair of heels. Versatile much?




These pants are loose all around and therefore very breezy. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of wearing lounge pants out because I always thought they were for, well, lounging! I was definitely wrong, because lounge pants come in various prints and colours- bold or subtle, just the way you like it- and can be worn almost everywhere. You can pair it with a tank or, yet again, a crop top, depending on the kind of look you’d like to pull off. They’re very relaxing, perfect for a day out shopping or brunching with your friends. You’d feel at home and comfortable anywhere you go, in lounge pants!



Palazzos are all the rage now and there are very few people who haven’t indulged in the trend themselves. For those who don’t know, Palazzo pants are essentially long women’s trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. I guess they’re the perfect go-to for summer because they’re made of light material and let the air in, thereby keeping your legs cool. They don’t stick to your leg which is essentially the main advantage of not just palazzos but also lounge pants and jogger pants in general. With the right styling, you can change your palazzo look from casual to effortlessly chic in a matter of a few minutes. Usually paired with a tank top and flip flops, you can also throw on a lace crop top and stilettoes for the ultimate look for a night out.

The best part about these pants in general is that they hide insecurities. You’re not required to be a certain size or height to pull these off. A few accessories here and a little bit of tweaking there will land you the perfect look that can be pulled off anytime of the year- even the hottest of summers! Your best (and safest) bet however, would be to balance it out with a form fitting top. You can’t go wrong there!


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