“Love Unbound”-Valentine’s Day Ideas For Long Distance Couples!

“I wish that you were here, or that I were there, or that we were together ANYWHERE!” <3<3

Let us face it people, long distance relationships are difficult! Not getting to see the love of your life for months after months together, just having a hope to see him/her next to you everyday, consoling yourself that you will be meeting your partner soon with each passing day, it becomes difficult! And specially, when the day of love, Valentine’s Day, is approaching, and you and your beau are sitting in two different parts of the world, and can’t meet, it feels terrible! Being all by yourself, without your partner on this day, can be really tough, but both of you know, you can’t help it, so why not celebrate, instead of being sad? Yes guys, make fond memories with your partner on this special day of love even if you both are not together with each other. Wanna know how? Here are some ways to eradicate all the distances, and get the feel of being with your bae, even if you guys are miles away!

A “love-filled” email!

I know the trend of sending emails has been kinda “old school” lately to friends and family because of all the new apps, and is mostly used for professional purposes only, but why not surprise your partner by sending him/her a cute, lovely and naughty email this Valentine’s Day! Imagine him/her checking the inbox, and finding this romantic email, I am sure, he/she will be fully charged for the day and will have a constant sweet smile throughout the day, lost in your thoughts!

Send a mizpah charm!

mizpah's charm

It’s a very classic and romantic gift to be sent to your partner on this special day! Keep half of the pendant with you and send the other half to your partner and click a photograph wearing it and send it to him/her! This might sound silly, but trust me, it’s a nice way to make your partner and even yourself feel special and communicate how important he/she is for you!

Plan an e-date!


You and your partner are not together, no big deal, just  plan a virtual date! Decorate the table  with candles and nice crockery, cook both of yours  favorite dish, have some champagne and play some soft, soothing music! Trust me, it’s gonna be one of the most romantic dates ever! And yes, don’t forget to dress up for the evening in some sizzling outfit to spice the date even more! (P.S. Do check the internet connection properly ! ) 😀

A Long-distance relationship scrapbook!

scrapbook scrapbook1

It’s time to get artsy, people! Create a love scrapbook and send it to your partner! Put the best of your cute mushy – mushy photographs, movie tickets, restaurant bills and all the little things of both of you being together! Write some cute messages, lines from his/her favorite songs or movie. Spray your favorite cologne over the book and send it to your partner! I am sure this will take your partner back to all the cherished moments and make him/her live them once again!

The ” series of  love notes”!

love notes

Instead of making just that one day special for your partner, why not just give him/her a week full of love! Write a little special note each day of the Valentine’s week and maybe write what you both would have done if you both were together, with some special romantic message! To add on, click a selfie each day, according to whatever day it is, for eg: on rose day, with a rose, on teddy day, with a teddy (you can make a promise for him/her on promise day!) and attach it with the note! Pack all of them together, and send it to your partner, trust me, he/she is gonna love that, and you both can live the moments together even from a distance!

A surprise gift!

surprise gift

This method surely is cliché, but one can never go wrong with this! And the surprise doesn’t have to be big, just be creative, you can even order your partner’s favorite pizza and get it delivered at his/her place with a special message or maybe a rose! This will surely make your partner happily surprised and go all lovey-dovey for you all over again!

So, people, don’t be sad if you are not with your partner this Valentine’s Day, no distance can stop you both from enjoying this day of love! So, get up, plan something and loose yourself in this season of eternal love and bond!

Off with the LDR woes!

Keep loving!!<3<3

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