Magic Potion For your Lips : Lip care for Summer and best Lip Balms to Choose

Everyone understands the frustration that comes from peeling dry and cracked lips. Lip balm is one of the most common products used to prevent this frustration and maintain soft and healthy lips. You have probably changed your beauty routine because of the sun but did you think all that much about your lips? You should exfoliate your lips in winter and summer to keep them soft. Flaky lips don’t look cute. Lips burn too and there’s more at stake than simple irritation. Lips are more prone than skin to developing serious cancers, skin cancer spreads more quickly on the lips than it does anywhere else.

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SUMMER LIP ESSENTIALS– Remember to apply sunblock on your lips.

passion fruit

        THE BODY SHOP PASSION FRUIT ROUGES – BORN LIPPY!! Why it is a must: Not super greasy and your lips feel like heavenly satin pillows after. Great to have in your purse. Absolute best for smell and texture.


        THE BODY SHOP BEURRE A LEVREA (BLUEBERRY) – LIP BUTTE!! Why it is a must: Perfect for everyday use and has a yummy taste. Fun to apply, smells good.  Amazing, stunning, excellent, delicious, yummy, lovely, what all can I use to describe the smell of this lip butter. It is really great and the fragrance stays on for a very long time.

argon oil 

          THE BODY SHOP SOLID OIL LIPS HUILE SOLIDE LEVRES – WILD ARGAN OIL  Why it is a must: A screw cap tub is very attractive to look. You would want to pick it up even if you have enough stock of lip butters and lipbalm in your drawer. I love this scent in everything the body shop offers for it! I love how moisturizing this lip butter is. The staying power isn’t that great during the day and you’ll have to reapply about every two hours but this depends on the amount of product you use on your lips. However, if you use this at night, for some reason it works wonders.

cocoa butter 

        THE BODY SHOP COCOA BUTTER – LIP CARE STICK Why it is a must: This balm in a stick contains real cocoa butter. It leaves lips moisturized and soft. Creamy butter-like texture “It’s really soothing for dry or chapped lips. I wake up to find my lips extra plump and moisturized as well as a significant reduction in fine lines. Note: I apply a fairly normal amount at night as I would during the day.                                                 
Now you’ll be a brand new woman!
P.s Enjoy the break, but be sun smart, too!

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