Ways To Make Legs Look Longer

Long legs are coveted, and that’a a fact, but not all of us are endowed with them. Don’t worry. It can be simple or complicated, but there are a variety of ways by which you can fool people into thinking you’ve got mile-long legs a la Deepika Padukone.


High waisted jeans


High waisted bottoms are a fool proof way to look like you’ve got really long legs. They make it seem like your waist line is higher, therefore your legs look super long. You could also take a leaf out of Ali Larter’s book by pairing your high waisted jeans with high heels, to make your legs seem endless. Be warned: slightly taller girls shouldn’t really go for this trick unless looking like a giraffe is appealing to you.


Same hues

This trick’s going to leave you wondering why you never thought of it- wear shoes and pants of the same hue or colour. Yes, it really is that simple. By matching the colour of your shoes and your pants, you create a sleek, streamlined sort of effect on your body which by default, makes your legs look longer.


pointed shoes

Shoes with ankle straps don’t really help to bring together that streamlined effect that’s mentioned above. Instead, go in for pumps- the higher, the better. It’s been noted that pointy-toed pumps only increase the unbroken, sleek effect, thereby creating the vision of longer legs. If you’re matching shoes with pants, that’s well and good. If not, try going in for shoes that are closest to the colour of your skin.


maxi skirt

Take a break from pants and put on a skirt instead. The hemline would conceal where the legs naturally start, creating an illusion of long legs. High waisted skirts are your best bet, again. This trick also works well with pencil skirts, as these make your torso look slimmer as well.


high waisted skirt

If you’re wearing a skirt or a dress, make sure it ends either above calf length or below. The calves are the thickest part of the legs. If your skirt hits that area of your legs, it’d make you look stumpier. Full length skirts are safest.

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