Make-Up Kit Essentials For Beginners

Every woman, at some point in her life growing up, has been through the situation of feeling overwhelmed and confused in a beauty store, filled with rows and rows of products. An alien territory. Don’t worry though, because we’ve all been there and have eventually mastered it. As a beginner, don’t just buy everything you deem important,  as you will only end up with a vanity case full of makeup and a less bulgier wallet. Take it slow and steady (you’ll get over the clumsiness) and remember: Makeup is to enhance, rather than to mask. Here is a guide for the novice to assemble a good makeup kit that doesn’t include any unnecessary stuff. Foundation and Concealer Lakme-Perfecting-Liquid-Foundation Foundation and concealer are the basic essentials of make up and I can’t imagine makeup without them. Foundation/Concealer evens out the  texture of your skin , hides blemishes and under-eye circles,  and gives a flawlessness to your skin (There is no need to buy separate foundation and concealer as,  it would feel too heavy). Because of this, your foundation needs to match your skin tone. If the shades of your face and neck are slightly different, then go for something in- between. Try a  foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you are still confused about the “right tone”, the salespersons are gonna help you, by putting sample foundations on the inside of your wrist to determine the best shade. Another thing to determine is your skin undertone. Undertones can be ruddy (red-like ), peach, yellow etc. Choose the foundation that counteracts your skin undertone. Note: If your skin is oily, go for matte foundations and for the dry skin, luminous ones are the best. Normal skin gets to choose. Compact powder Chanel-Les-beiges-with-the-brush Compact powder sets or gives the finishing touch to the foundation-lathered face. The color of the powder should match the foundation. A shade or two higher than the foundation color works better. The setting powder should be applied evenly, after the foundation has completely dried. Otherwise, the results could be disastrous. Blush blush3 Blush sprinkles a pop of color to the cheeks making you look younger and healthier. People with fair skin must stick to lighter shades like peach or pink whereas brown, rose or bronze will never go wrong on medium to dark skins. In terms of texture, powder blush is the best for oily skins and cream blush for drier skins. Other types of blush are the tint (fast-drying) and shimmers, which give a light gleam to your cheek bones (appropriate for evenings). Eyeliner eyeliner-basics Eyeliner is quite a well known member of the makeup kit , who doesn’t need introductions. All you have to decide here is to either buy an eyeliner pencil, a liquid liner , a gel eyeliner or a felt-tip liner. Penciled eyes tend to melt and create smudges so, liquid eyeliners are better in that sense. But for some people, applying liquid eyeliner is an odious chore . It is a fact that gel eyeliners stick around for a long time. Hence, to each her own. Mascara DIOR-Mascara-Diorshow_Black_Out Mascara adds to the effect created by the liners. Mascaras are available in mainly two colors– Black, which is the best and Black-brown (in case your lashes are lighter). However, the brush of the mascara matters the most– big and bushy or spiky. If you are the ramrod straight-lashes type, go for a curling mascara. For short lashes, lengthening formulas (contain nylon fibers as extensions ) are the go-t0 and for people with sensitive eyes, a dry-wax based formula that doesn’t crumble would do. Eye shadow rich-chocolate-eye-palette-nxpowerlite Eye shadows are fun. Period. But, remember to match and properly blend your eye shadow with your skin tone. Eye shadow palettes are available containing  multiple colors, which you can choose according to your liking. There are generally 3 types of eye shadows– matte (no shine), powder (commonly used) and liquid (has the same texture as a cream). Also, you can arrange your eye shadow palette as day ones, which are more subtle,natural looking and the darker and bolder, evening ones. Brow pencil eyebrow-pencil For a well groomed eyebrow, pick a shade that is a bit lighter than your hair color ( and never a dark one) because brow pencils are here to cover the sparse areas rather than to darken the brows. Most satisfying color for almost everyone is the light brown shade. Do not forget to buy a  sharpener for the pencil. Lipstick national-lipstick-day-ftr1 Women love lipsticks. When buying, understand your complexion and purchase accordingly. Cool tones for pinkish skin and warmer ones for the dark skinned work best. You should know that between matte, sheer and glossy lipsticks, matte lasts longer but dries out early and the others, they need to be reapplied frequently. Also, choose natural colors for the daytime and bolder ones for the evenings. Brushes EssentialKit_fanw You can’t make up without these brushes. Initially, buy only four makeup brushes. A powder brush, a blush and bronzer brush and two eye shadow brushes of two different sizes. The bristles of the brushes should be silky and dense. For powder make up, use natural bristles and for the oil,cream etc, choose synthetic brushes. mujer-limpia-su-cara   At the end of the day, makeup can be harmful if not removed and its removal is necessary to avoid clogged pores and unwanted breakouts and maintain your gorgeous skin. A gentle soap-free cleanser and a moisturizer are all that is needed. Finally, your makeup kit is complete. The point is to not forget to maintain hygiene and avoid the risk of looking overdone.

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