If you’re somewhere warm right now, well, lucky you. I don’t want to hear about it because the rest of us are dealing with extremely low temperatures and dry, flaky and irritable skin. And girl, high chances are that you might be looking pretty dull and ghostly right about now. But some simple everyday make up tips are just what will get your charm back. You will be the diva you are again!

red skin

Extra care and attention is needed during the winter season, the oil glands situated just below the surface of the skin tend to become relatively inactive and produce less moisture. The wind adds to the dryness. With the onset of winters, your makeup also needs to undergo a major change.


clean this winter

cleanse winter

Switch your cleansing routine. Instead of using a foaming, gel-based cleanser, use milky or creamy cleansers. After the face clean, apply an oil-based day moisturizer. This is like a shield that prevents skin from drying out. It keeps skin supple.


Prevent windburn

Young beautiful girl with blank visiting card. Winter.

Keep in mind not to skip the sunscreens, its an essential. On extra blustery days, create a barrier by applying a richer moisturizing emollient.


Redness alert

winter sunscreen

winter red

If the icy cold or wind has left you with an inflamed, red face, in  smaller areas of the face, just apply a color-correcting concealer to those spots and look for moisturizers with calming ingredients.


Base it up

hghlighter for winerwinter base

Apply a liquid foundation in circular motions to create an airbrushed effect. Put a bronzing powder and add a touch of highlighter on cheekbone. A light matte foundation or some tinted powder with a slight shimmer looks great in winters.


Use a liquid highlighter,  for the most natural effect.

winter sunscreen

face structure for winter

Doesn’t your makeup tend to rub off on your coat, scarf or hat? A trick does wonders in dealing with it, carry a translucent pressed powder, less messy than loose powder,and apply it as your final touch. It keeps the makeup where you want.


Pretty eyes

eyes do

smokey eyes

“Shimmering rose gold or light bronze are perfect for waking up the eyes,” says Robin Black, a makeup artist says does the trick this winter. Fight off sooty smudges by applying waterproof mascara, and use eyeliner and shadow on the upper lids.

eyes winter

Winter calls for defined eyes and you could use a chocolate brown or charcoal liner along your upper lashes. You can opt for the perfect smokey eyes look which makes your eyes prominent and look larger.


Blush! Blush! 

blush up

blush on

For a radiant look, you can use a sheer layer of creamy blush in pinks, corals or brown. Sweep a soft, peachy-hued or warm, terra-cotta-toned blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your cheekbones. Blush on is the trick that makes you flaky-turn-fresh. A light-tan bronzer with a touch of shimmer won’t look fake but rather flirty.


Re-purpose your leftover lipstick as blush. It is a perfect save for this winter.

Perfect pout

pink lipslips winter


If you have cracked, flaky winter lips, stick with a tinted lip balm that contains sunscreen. One can opt for moisturizing lipstick, but avoid matte or long-wearing lipstick formulas as they can be drying.

A fair-skinned woman wearing pale shadow and light lips is striking. Using satiny peach hues with gentle golden glimmer will help prevent a chalky, corpselike effect.

lips for winter

Tinted lip balms in honey, or red concurrent tones looks greets this season. Bold, sparkly lips are sexy in the summer, while a creamy or satin finish is more sophisticated now.


nails winter



Use of copper, blackberry color to darken your nails, perfect for this season. One can go in for grey-er shades with french tips. Short just to finger nail tips is what goes for the season.


Keep in check these tips, they sure will work for you this winter!

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