What Makes Lemon Water A Must Have?

Of all the seasons in India, ‘Summer’ is considered as an important one. It covers the maximum time of the year and also has its own share of hassles and fuss that trouble you the most. But, you can get rid of those summer woes (which might affect your health and body both) with this simple and easy to make drink. Yes readers, you guessed it right! I’m talking about Lemon Water.
By including lemon water in your dietary routine, you can treat almost every minor illness that comes along with this season. Be it an upset stomach, loss of appetite or a draining work-out session at the gym, lemon water proves why it is the most amazing companion to beat the scorching heat, every time you sip that liquid.

Home-made lemonade? Best!! Just go for it because you might not know what amazing benefits are concealed in that elixir.
Curious to know what are those? Then take a look at the following perquisites of this potion.

1. Elevates energy and mood

Fresh wet lemon with leaf on the garden table

Jump start your day by drinking a glass full of lemon water. This allows the body to absorb the vitamins effectively and provide a little immune boost by stimulating the production of white-blood cells. Moreover, it reduces anxiety and depression. In fact, simply the scent of lemons reduces the stress levels thus leaving a refreshing impact on the nervous system.
Skip the morning cup of coffee and go for a glass of warm lemon water, you will soon get to notice the changes.

2. Increases the Vitamin –C strength in body


Vitamin-C is considered as an important element for regulating the mechanism of the body. Since our body doesn’t synthesize this vitamin in it’s tissues, it becomes necessary to include in our diet the food and fluids, that could enhance the percentage of this vitamin.
Primarily, Vitamin-C comprises of anti-oxidants which curbs cell damage and ensures biosynthesis of collagen (an essential component of connective tissue) and thus helps in increasing immunity of the body.
Try to include a substantial amount of lemon water in your daily diet and see your body getting that daily dose of Vitamin-C.

3. Revitalizes skin and heals the body


Lemon water does remarkable benefits to your skin. The anti-oxidants present in lemon juice not only help in reducing blemishes but wrinkles too! For this reason, they’re considered as an essential part in the skin-care treatments.
For the body, it provides a healthy serving of potassium, magnesium & copper – all that’s necessary for heart, bones, muscles, brain & nerve function.
Vitamin-C works as an effective shield against the sun. It reduces fine wrinkles, spots, blackheads and other skin problems by working as a detoxifying tonic, thus maintaining the skin’s natural radiance and healing the skin from within.

4. Helps shed those extra-kilos


Food rich in Vitamin-C helps in cutting out the extra-fat that might have seized you for long. Lemons are loaded with pectin, a dietary fiber which helps in fighting hunger-pangs by making you feel fuller for long, thus making you lose weight.
Regular intake of Vitamin-C reduces insulin formation thus promoting healthy weight. Plus, it breaks down sugar molecules to fat and finally uses it as fuel to shed the excess fat out of the body.

5. Improves digestion and detoxification


A freshly squeezed lemon juice helps ease an upset stomach and cures indigestion by regulating bowel movements. It also flushes out the toxins present in our body thus stimulating liver function. The citric acid in lemon enhances enzyme function, thus aiding liver. Adding few drops of lemon juice in dishes may also work.
Lemon juice is diuretic in nature thus one often tends to urinate more, which in a way helps the urinary tract to get rid of toxic elements out of the body.

6. Maintains overall health and well being


Packed with manifold benefits, lemon water is an effortlessly cheap and cheerful drink. It keeps a check on cholesterol, brings blood pressure to normal, reduces blood sugar level, improves blood flow and aids metabolism. Moreover, it helps to heal wounds and cure severe diseases like cataracts, asthma, cancer, inflammation and hypertension. Lemon water intake also freshens breath, relieve toothaches and gingivitis.

Therefore, from the above mentioned points, it becomes quite evident that this magical fruit and its citrus-flavoured water comes with a baggage full of wonders! From guarding the epidermis of your skin to sustaining the inner well-being, this mystical drink has a lot more to it than just being a thirst quencher.
Incorporate the drink in your daily diet after meals or straight in the morning and discover the immense benefits that would follow.

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