Makeup Mistakes We All Make!

Makeup application is truly an art that only a few can master. As easy as it might seem, a minor slip up can majorly alter your appearance for the worst. makeup Makeup done right can truly transform the face by highlighting one’s best features. While makeup done wrong can make one look older than they are and hide their features rather than enhancing them. Makeup blunders are fairly common and we all are guilty of unknowingly committing these blunders on a daily basis. But fret no more! We at Wonder Wardrobes are here to put you out of your misery. Read on to know all about such unfortunate beauty blunders and how to avoid them, so that you always present your best face forward.

Blending is the key!

blend foundation The biggest mistake people tend to make is not blending their foundation down till their necks. Ladies, this is a major beauty faux pas! When it comes to makeup, visible lines are a huge no-no! Not blending your foundation onto your neck would lend a masked look to your face which is certainly not the look you are aiming for. Blend away!

Avoid too bright eyeshadows!

neon shadow Unless you are dressing up for Halloween, it’s best not to go too heavy on neon or excessively bright eyeshadows. Neons may look lovely on the runways but going too bright wouldn’t do too well for a casual, everyday look. Little specks of neon could work their magic but going overboard might not be such a good idea. But hey, to each her own!

Avoid over plucking eyebrows!

avoid over plucking While full, bushy brows are all the rage right now, thin and over plucked brows never really flattered anyone. Eyebrows are often the most neglected part of our face, when on the contrary they are the most important. Eyebrows totally have the ability to make or break your look. So, look after those brows as they frame your face like nothing can. Adieu, tweezers!

Go easy on the blush!

blush application Blush ons are meant to accentuate your natural blush tone. For that reason it should be kept as close to the natural shade as possible. Finding the right shade of blush is imperative for your overall look. Go for a lighter shade if you are wearing a bold lipstick and vice versa. When it comes to blushes, ‘less is more’ should be your strategy.

No clumpy lashes!

clumpy lashes Clumpy or sticky lashes are usually a result of applying too much mascara and are also more prone to breakage. Make sure to apply only as much mascara as is required and avoid overdoing it. Always remember to wiggle out your lashes with the mascara wand to separate them. No more sticky lashes!

No makeup on dry skin!

dry skin Well hydrated, supple skin is the best base for flawless makeup. Dry, flaky skin restricts makeup from properly blending in. In turn the makeup sits on the surface of the skin and accentuates flakiness. Moisturising is a must as makeup looks best when the skin is properly hydrated and is not prone to creasing. Slap on some moisturiser! Makeup shouldn’t be underdone or overdone, but subtle and striking. Avoid these common mistakes for a makeup that brings out the best in you!

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