Manicures at Home: How To Get Beautiful Glowing Hands at Home

Professionally done nails can look glamorous and can take your personal appeal up a notch any day. However, with prices shooting through the roofs, it’s not surprising that you hesitate before getting it done, or end up postponing it again. But given some time and patience, you can perform a complete manicure for yourself, for pretty much half the cost of going to a professional. Here’s how you can do it:

Invest in a few quality products

The better your products, the longer your manicure will last. Of course, your lifestyle also plays an important role, but quality products will definitely prolong the manicure staying fresh and neat. Invest in good nail paints from companies like Lakme, Revlon, Colorbar, or even M.A.C if that’s within your budget. For a basic French manicure you’d need a base coat, white nail colour and a transparent/ nude top coat.

Soak your hands in water for a few minutes

This has been tried and tested, as not only does the hot water make your skin soft, it also opens up the pores and relaxes your overworked hands. Add a pinch of salt, or gentle face cleanser to the water if required. While you’re doing this, go ahead and rub off all the half baked nailpolish on your fingers left over from the last manicure. Gently scrub your hands to remove all the dead skin, and use a cuticle remover to remove cuticles and hangnails.

Cut your nails into shape

Cut your nails, or trim them if they’re already at the length you want them to be. You could make the tips square, or use a nail file to make them round. Remember however, not to cut too close to the skin, or cut the nails into too much of an arch, as this increases the chances of ingrown nails. Use a nail buff to smooth out your nails and give them a natural shine.


Apply hand lotion generously over your hands, and massage for a good 5 minutes to relax your muscles and let the nutrients go in deep. You can also use body lotion for the same. Another choice would be to use natural glycerin to rub into your hands.


Paint your Nails

Base Coat

Apply a coat or two of the base coat that you bought, which will protect your nails from the chemicals in other nail polishes and also serves as a medium to hold the other coats. A nude base coat would give you the perfect French manicure look.

base coat

White Tips

Painting the tips of your nails neatly is definitely difficult, but there are a few hacks you could use to get neat white tipped nails. Stick a piece of tape on your nail, leaving enough at the tip for you to paint. It’s okay if you’re messy here, as when you peel the tape off, the tip will be perfect and in line.

tape white tips

white coat

Top Coat

This coat is basically to seal the nail polish in place and prevent it from flaking or chipping off. Apply two coats after your base coat and tips are fully dry. Transparent nail polish works best here. Use nail polish remover to wipe off the smudged nail paint from around your nails.

top coat

* You could either buy these products separately, or buy a complete French Manicure Set.


Post Manicure Care

Obviously, it won’t be enough to just finish the manicure and leave it at that. Take care to moisturise your hands every night with good hand/body lotion, stretch your fingers to work out any kinks, and use gloves when you’re doing work involving harsh chemicals that may harm your skin, like detergent and dish washing soaps.

Here are a few ideas if you’d like to stray away from the basic manicure:

mani 3






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