Master The Button Down Like A Fashionista

button down shirt

This is possibly the one closet staple everyone owns. If you don’t, fret not because you can easily steal it from your boyfriend, flatmate, your cousin or your closest friend. But after realizing the million outfit possibilities that come with it, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up buying a few pieces for yourself right away. And this golden item is *drum rolls* a simple button down men’s shirt!

Denim Cut Offs

button down shirt denim cutoffs 1 button down shirt denim cutoffs

This is a more summery equivalent of the uber chic blue jeans and white shirt pairing. You can hardly go wrong with this style. Why not opt for shorts with stars on them, you know, to match the star that you are. But don’t let me me stop you there, try out leather shorts or a printed pair for an even more fun spin.

Half Tuck

button down shirt half tuck 1 button down shirt half tuck

You either tuck the whole shirt in or keep it all out. Or you keep it tucked in the front and party in the back. But it doesn’t end there, all the Fashion girls seem to have mastered the art of the half tuck. This serves well when you want to look like you put some effort in for half the tuck but then realized you were too cool to tuck the whole thing in or you just got busy. Because hey you’re too busy enjoying your morning latte!

Creative Layering

button down shirt creative layering 1 button down shirt creative layering

This one is a super trend right now but requires a bit more effort. If you’re feeling particularly artsy and want to have the most unique outfit ever because you basically created it yourself, go for creative layering. Put a shirt or a warm cardigan and tie it prettily for an instantly creative look. (I’m sure there’s a Youtube tutorial explaining you how to do it better than me.)

Knot It

button down shirt knot it 1 button down shirt knot it

For a more casual, country girl look, just knot the two sides like a 70s tv star. This look is so easy and it hits the curves of your body in just the right places for a more feminine and prettied up style.

Skirt It Around

button down shirt skirt 1 button down shirt skirt

This is my favourite style. Because it combines 2 of the most comfortable and airy things in the world. It looks super polished and so pretty. And your choice of skirt can dictate the whole look. Go for a maxi skirt for a bohemian look or a denim skirt for rock groupie look or stick to this pretty floral skirt which you can basically wear anywhere.

Have Fun With It

button down shirt belt it button down shirt under something button down shirt accessories

A button down is like a base foundation from where you can build your whole outfit. You can cinch the waist to highlight your curves, put it under your overalls for this cool look and the easiest way of spicing things up? Add a statement necklace around the collar or under the shirt. You can go ahead and try bow ties for a more androgynous approach.

All the Fashion girls are getting creative with the shirt so you see at it as dresses, under dresses, over dresses, under crop tops, overalls, with skirts, shorts, skorts! You name it and it’s being done already so you can hardly go wrong with it since there is so much inspiration available everywhere.

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