Meet Your Latest Closet Essential: The Maxi

If you don’t have a maxi skirt, I’d suggest you to get one ASAP! You will never feel like you’re short on clothes with a maxi in hand because you can pair it with a hundred things and look amazing.

Not only is it ultra chic,but maxi skirts are versatile as well. They look great during summer no doubt,but they also cover up well and keep you warm during winters. Maxi skirts have a huge variation of styles. You can wear one and look super formal or you can go with a more casual and sweet look as well.


maxi skirts

Maxi skirts can be styled fabulously in so many ways as well! Here’s how:

1. Pair it with a loose tank top:

Pair it with a loose tank top:

2. Throw on a denim shirt and you can either knot it at the bottom or leave it as it is (Alessandra Ambrosio does it best!):

alessandra ambrosio maxi skirt



3. Crop Tops never go out of style! 

Crop Tops never go out of style!

4. A white tee is a closet staple. And it obviously goes great with a maxi skirt as well: 

A white tee is a closet stapleA white tee is a closet staple


5. Feeling gutsy? Style your maxi skirt with a well fitted leather jacket:


6.Try getting your hand on those matching maxi skirt and top sets. They look classy and very sophisticated: 





7. As mentioned earlier, a maxi skirt can look formal as well. You can do that by combining it with a smart blazer:

maxi skirt

8. Team a snugly sweater atop your skirt. This ought to keep you nice and toasty during those cold fall and winter months:

maxi skirt

9. Use your skirt as a cover-up for your bikini. It serves as the ultimate beach look: super stylish,super sexy: 

Use your skirt as a cover-up for your bikini
 Use your skirt as a cover-up for your bikini

10. A button up shirt does wonders as well. You can opt to tuck it in, or leave it out. Both ways have their own charms!

A button up shirt

Here are a few combos that you can try with your maxi skirt:

maxi skirt
maxi skirt
Now the world of the maxi skirts is at your feet! Be original, and keep things classy and chic. Your outfit will do the rest.





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