Men, Suit Up!

A man and a suit can most probably qualify as the best of combinations. Suits are every girls favorite to have on their men and a best suited man is great to be spotted around with, probably one of the perks of having a well-dressed man as your significant other. Now, most men can pull off a suit extremely well if they know the tips and tricks of the trade. But it’s always a good thing to have your basics brushed up, right? In this blog post we will be tackling with 4 tips and hacks while suiting up so that you can always be suit-ready always!


TIP 1: Fitting of your suit!

Before buying a suit it is very important to check the fitting of your suit, and if that means going through trying a lot of suits don’t be worried, it’s just a small price you pay to look good. I would definitely advice you to have someone around you while you are trying on a suit for their advice of your fitting. It’s always important to check your shoulder fit first and foremost while trying on your suit, it shouldn’t hang too low or be too stiff on your shoulders. A perfect fitting shoulder can make a world of a difference.

Suit shoulder


TIP 2: Show ‘em cuffs!

If you aren’t living in the stone-age I am pretty sure you’ve spotted many celebs and normal people rock the “Showing the cuffs” trend. Yes in the past we’ve always been used to the shirt cuffs not showing through your blazer but it’s known as dressing classy now. So make sure you show an inch of your dress shirt through your blazer while suiting up.

Suit cuff


TIP 3: Blazer length

Now just like how we have specified lengths in the case of leggings with girls there is also a specific length that a blazer must be in order to look sophisticated and classy. Buy a blazer that covers your butt and your pant zippers anything shorter than that is a complete no no!

Suit ength


TIP 4: Pocket Squares.

Must I really say more about pocket squares? They are the perfect finishing for a suit just like the cherry on a cake. Always buy a pocket square of a complementing color to your suit and make sure you’re not wearing the same pattern as your tie or you’d be a walking disaster.

suit pocket square

Follow these tips and you’d end up dressing up as the Mr. Perfect of everyone’s dream. I hope they help you and you rock out your suit feeling more confident and sexy! After all, suits are legen—- WAIT FOR IT—-dary!!


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