Men’s Fashion- Must Haves In A Man’s Wardrobe!

It is not at all a hard nut to crack  for  men to look stylish and classy, and that too effortlessly! They just need to have certain basic pieces in their wardrobes which they can mix and match and look absolutely amazing!

Rightly quoted by the Canadian actress Lexa Doig, “Men with style are great, because they have a sense of self”!

Of course, a perfectly dressed man adds on to his overall personality and gives that sexy and robust feel altogether! The list of the basic essentials in a man’s wardrobe is not very long or complicated, but some very simple pieces which can create wonders and make you look like the man of every woman’s dreams! 🙂

So, here are some pieces that should form the foundation of any  man’s wardrobe,

A White and a Black button down shirt.

white shirtblack shirt

These two are like elixir in a man’s wardrobe. These are the most versatile pieces a man ‘must’ have. A crisp white and a jet black shirt can be paired up with almost anything and everything, and I bet, even if you try hard, you can’t go wrong with them. Wear them with a formal blazer and a tie for a classy formal look or just pair them up with blue denims for a cosy, casual look !

A pair of navy chinos.

navy chinos

A pair of slim fit navy chinos works as a nice alternative for blue jeans or tailored pants. They are a perfect blend of casual and formal. Pair them up with t-shirts or shirts and maybe a jacket. Wear sneakers or casual shoes to add to the look.

A perfect blue suit.

blue suit

A formal suit is a must have in every man’s wardrobe, more than one for sure! Blacks and greys are the common ones but blue is always a good option, maybe a petrol blue or a dark navy as it gives a nice formal look and is different from the general black. You can pair up a subtle colored tie to give a classy yet fun flavor to the entire look!

A perfect pair of  jeans.

perfect pair of jeans

“I want to die in my blue jeans”, said the American artist Andy Warhol. Jeans is like ‘THE THING’ in every man’s wardrobe. You just CANNOT do without it. Slim but not too tight, stiff but not too stiff, just the perfect pair of fitted jeans is a must have. Pair it with any casual t-shirts or shirts and you are good to go, looking absolutely perfect, that too effortlessly!

A pair of sneakers.

white sneakers

Simple, comfy and fun! Sneakers are perfect for a casual look. Try various colors and if you wanna go crazy and can pull them off, try wild colors and patterns, or maybe try some funky socks to add some fun to the overall look!

A pair of black formal shoes.

black formal shoes

Every man needs a chic black formal pair of lace ups. It is the best option for a classy formal look and always make you end up looking as elegant and stylish as ever!

A classic maroon tie.

maroon tie

A maroon tie is a chic and modern option. It goes well with formal as well as casual looks. It can lift up the most boring suits and shirts combination and make you look absolutely classy!

So men, go, check your wardrobes and tash it with all these elementary pieces and create a strong foundation for your wardrobe to give you the most extraordinary and fabulous outcome!


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