Mermaid Hair: Flip Your Mane Like A Sea Goddess!

To be honest, it’s not ever person’s cup of tea to flaunt mermaid hair but then this is for those hard core fashionistas and crazy people all over the world who would stop at nothing to try out something new and of course, stir the air among the peers!

This is a new hair dyeing trend that’s starting to become rampant all over the world. Yup people, this is a trend alert! It is called ‘Mermaid Hair’ or ‘fluid hair painting’. Why call it Mermaid Hair? Not really sure of Ariel, but if you’re a fan of ‘Barbie in a mermaid tale’, I’m sure you would have figured it by now.

What makes it different, you ask ? If you observe very closely, you can see the colour effortlessly combine and blend very smoothly and there is no feeling of an interception of colours of varied gradients unlike the ombre where it usually goes from a darker tone to a lighter one or vice versa. In other words, it’s pure art.

This soon became a rage, started in Sweden and then hit other parts of the world with people posting pictures of themselves on Instagram with #mermaidhair, their scattered dyed hair, spread like waves.

It is said that it is tough to do at home than try it with a professional but who cares? Unless you don’t want to juggle experiments with your hair.

And of course, depending on your taste, you can try and explore various hues.

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If you prefer light colours, pastel shades are the best.

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And then for all those people who are looking for something bold, you could try royal blue and neon green.


A combination of purple, pink and blue is perfect for the people who wanna shoot off to space and beyond!

You’ll be a portable art for people to look at and stare in wonder and of course, this is only for people who can really pull off these supernatural colours from galaxies far away or the lost land of Atlantis in the depths of sea.

Get yourself some sass with the gorgeously enigmatic mermaid hair and do let us know how people respond to it!



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