Most preferable Hair Styles for College Guys

A trendy hair style is the best way to look modern and stylish to make ourselves look more attractive and masculine. You can see women all around who are working hard on their hairstyle, spending time, reading, researching, to cut it short, caring on their hair. Yet most of men do not care about their hair, let it just to be how it is naturally. Boys and especially college goers do not prefer to spend much time on hair but guys. The perfect hair style give the first best impression.

So here are the few hair style that a college teen must try.

Caesar hair style


The Caesar cut is a hairstyle with a short, horizontally straight cut fringe. It is a vintage hairstyle that was much popular among men. It is a classy one named after Julius Caesar.

Short Spiky hair style

short spiky.jpg 1

It serves as a great stand-by and remains stylish. It is most suitable for men when the hair is spiked. Short hair is always makes you more appealing and attractive.

Pompadour hair style


The pompadour is an all-time classic hairstyle that suits men of all ages and style persuasions. It’s surprisingly versatile, since the extremity of the cut can be varied to suit the age, profession, face shape, personal style, etc.

Casual long hair style

casual long style

For a casual and a classy look you can experiment with this hairstyle. This long hair classic hairstyle gives a casual, sporty and a bit official look. It is more suitable formal attire.

Side swept hair style

side swept hairstyles

This hairstyle looks simply amazing but good thing is that it is very easy to set and maintain. This hairstyle is equally desirable for professionals and youngsters.

Fringe hair style


The Side Fringe is the one that gives quite the youthful look when done right as per this hairstyle guide. Fringes may be long or short and they may be cut round or pointy. They may be allowed to hang straight down, brushed to one side or cut into a pointy shape.

Dapper hair style


Dapper hairstyles are smart and elegant perfectly suiting the contemporary men. This textured hairstyles bring a different dimension to a man’s face by highlighting his jawline.

 Crew Cut hair style

crew cut

Crew cuts can make the face look more defined. They are popular with men and boys who want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle. Some of the more notable variations on this style include the flat top, the buzz, and the butch.

Curly hair style


Curly hair can often be difficult to manage, but finding the perfect curly hairstyle will help it look its best. Short on the sides and long on top is fun and fashionable way to sport curls. It’s also a great way to more easily manage curly hair.

Faux hawk hair style

faux hawk

The Faux Hawk is a great hairstyle for those men with curly hair who want to add a rebellious yet stylish tone to their image.

These hairstyles are not time consuming and are very popular among teens. Celebrities play an important role in influencing others for trying new haircuts and hairstyles and also these hair styles trend may change from time to time.

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