Must-Buy Mobile Phone Covers Under Rs. 500!

If you were to mention some basic essentials that you absolutely NEED these days, mobile phone covers would definitely figure on that list. They protect our beautiful phones from getting damaged because who likes those ugly dents and scratches? What’s more? They can also add up as chic accessories and shout out your style statement. A nice mobile phone cover can be your knight-in-shining-armour and pretty princess, all at the same time! Talk about being versatile, eh? But hey, you often find yourself burning your hard earned money on mobile phone covers which just spoils your mood, right? Well, here is one gorgeous brand that we absolutely love for their oh-so-awesome covers and the even more oh-so-awesome prices!

Just for Rs. 499! ONLY. 

Don’t believe us? Check out these gorgeous mobile phone covers by for yourself!

1. Wanderlust’s Never Enough

If travel was free, we would never stay at home, right? Travelling can be so therapeutic. It can not only give you visual treats but also provide you with gorgeous pictures for all the Insta lovers! Now, travelling might cost you a bomb but you can create your mini wanderlust-vibes with these delicious mobile phone covers

print me mad wanderlust vibes mobile phone cover


print me mad wanderlust mobile phone cover



print me mad wanderlust1 mobile phone cover

2. I Am So Retro

With retro culture doing the rounds all over, from cafes to clothes, how can mobile phone covers be left behind?! These covers scream retro on top of their pixels and give us extremely strong feels. It will not only remind you of the years begone but give a dramatic AND relaxed edge to your personality. Wish we could get those old landline phones back! Ah!

print me mad retro beatles mobile phone cover


print me mad retro case mobile phone cover

3. Pizza Is Love…So Is Doughnut

Foodgasm is reality. Period. Do we not wish that being a foodie was simply a paid profession? If you identify as one of those people who would hog till they die and have the pizza delivery man’s number on speed dial, then these would be your best buy. Plus, just like your meals, you can end your phone cover meal with one with a doughnut as well! Or maybe a cute cupcake? Please help yourself. *slurrp*

print me mad cupcake mobile phone cover


print me mad doughnut mobile phone cover


print me mad pizza1 mobile phone cover

3. Superheroes To The Rescue

Don’t you think your phone would be super safe in the hands of the super strong Superman, Batman and Captain America? They save the world and we know your phone is your world too. Seems like that was the thought behind such fantastic superhero themed covers by Print Me Mad. And wait, are they making us go crazy over the Wonder Woman one or what!?

print me mad batman mobile phone cover


print me mad superheroes bromance mobile phone cover


print me mad wonder woman

Did we just hear you go *aww* at the bromancing superheroes?

4. #Relationship Goals

Move on from couple t-shirts. Couple mobile phone covers are the next BIG thing in mushy market. He is your Romeo and you are his Juliet. Let the world know that and do that with panache with these covers. Love, money and phone, all of your favourite things have one destination now. They come as a pack and cost you less as well! Rs.900 for the set, ONLY! Also, don’t forget to notice that Shakespearean dramatics going on with the red cover. The famous balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet!! Now that’s what we call #RelationshipGoals.

print me mad bf gf


print me mad relationship goals


print me mad romeo juliet drama mobile phone cover

5. Bring In A Dash Of #Pop

Is Netflix and chill your idea of a perfect day? Do you fall in love with fictional characters only to turn into a real life misanthrope  due to failed expectations? These ones here are for you sitcom/movie lovers. Convert your phone into Monica’s peep hole door or you may want to ask Dr. Who about that. Or you may just go ahead and catch a train from Platform 9 3/4! It’s all in your hands, Jon Snow. *literally* Don’t you know nothing?

print me mad game of thrones


print me mad dr who


print me mad harry potter mobile phone cover
Print me mad friends mobile phone cover


print me mad friends collage

6. Let Pandas And Cats Be Your Buddies

Pandas and cats are two animals that are universally loved the most! After dogs, of course. 😛 Why not have them give you all the warm and fuzzies then? The only twist is that they are too cool for all this drama. They’ve got swagger!

print me mad cat mobile phone cover


print me mad panda with a twist mobile phone cover

7. Be Inspired

Now who doesn’t love those beautiful pictures with flowers and quotes that we often stumble upon tumblr every now and then? They leave us absolutely stunned and we are often left wondering why don’t we own them in some form or the other?! Print Me Mad is making that possible for you folks by making these delish covers. Let your phone be the source of some #GoodVibes gyaan.

print me mad tublr
print me mad tumblr mobile phone cover


print me mad tumblrr mobile phone cover


print me mad tumbblrr mobile phone cover

8. Troubled By Social Problems?

print me mad social anxiety mobile phone cover

9. Have Some Coffee And Shop!

print me and starbucks mobile phone cover


You can catch all this awesomeness and more by following Print Me Mad on their Instagram handle here.

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Let you in on a secret: you can buy products by directly ordering on WhatsApp! If only life were that simple! *sigh*



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